How to make good decisions the whole country agreed with? RIP Margaret Thatcher

How to make good decisions?

After a week of up and down responses about the death of Margaret Thatcher I decided like the ‘Iron Lady’ I would brave the critique of others and share my thoughts. They are simply my view point based on my own knowledge and life experience around this matter and I acknowledge that I may not be privy to all the facts. However I am pretty sure that most of those commenting in the paper and on social media are lacking much of the information too.

It interests me that so many think one person could possibly make a good decision that would satisfy the needs of the whole country all of the time. How many decisions do each of us make every day that upsets one member of the family or other?

RIP Margaret Thatcher I will choose to learn from the things that made a difference in my opinion and I will develop better strategies from those that didn’t which I believe is all you were doing.

I would very much value your thoughts on this video clip and I hope you will accept the challenge set in it.

Thanks for Listening

How to make a good decision


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