How to Make Good Decisions When Running on Empty?

I often hear the expression “I am running on empty.” No matter whether you are a stressed parent, an isolated sole trader or a despairing Managing Director.

It can be tough to find the time and the funds to refuel adequately. For many the stop is so short it could be almost missed.

Now you know what that does to the car if you run that on empty all the time, so imagine how it impacts you as a human being, when you fail to take the right kind of time out to get things into perspective.

How to make good decisions can depend on you being at your best

My Dad always reminds me that sleep deprivation is a major form of torture in the military, so it is not surprising when we are tired and exhausted that we no longer think productively and recognise the simplest of changes that can make the difference.

Where ever your stress is coming from I guarantee that the 1 most important thing to change is where you place your attention.

What do you find yourself thinking about most of the time:

  • Problems or Solutions
  • Achievements or Failings

By paying more attention to what is working can put things in perspective and give you a clear and easier path forward.

Can I invite you to take a moment right now to notice what is working.

Be kind to yourself, often the first time you try this activity your brain is so focused on what is not working it seems to resist, but I promise it is worth the effort.

I am a true believer in walking the talk, so this weekend I took my own advice and took myself off too a retreat in the beautiful countryside of Wirral for 2 days. This allowed me time to look at things from a different perspective, quite literally at times, as you will see from the photo below.






The space you are in and the environment around you are currently influencing you,  how good you feel and how well you interact with others.

Your thoughts however are something you do have control over.

It’s often a small step in the right direction that makes the biggest difference.

As you look at the photo below of the beautiful sunset that I was allowed to appreciate Saturday evening. Notice what happens to you as you allow yourself even a moment of time to relax and enjoy the peacefulness.

What happens to your body?

What happens to your mind?

What happens to your thinking?







If you are responsible for motivating, supporting, nurturing and inspiring others it is vital that you give yourself a fair chance by taking time out to notice what is working. Building from these solid foundations of past and current success I guarantee the next best step will be one you can take with confidence and ease.

Still struggling??

Then can I invite you to join us at one of our Power Group Retreat Days especially designed for:

You will leave these days re-energised, refocused  and with a clear idea of what is working for you and what needs to happen for it to work better.

Please do share below what you noticed is working, we love to listen.

Thank you for Listening.



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