How To Make Good Decisions

How to make decisions

What decision or decisions are you failing to make right now?

How much time do you spend each day or even through the night worrying about what to do next?

No matter how complicated or simple it might be, if you are stuck making a decision it can become all consuming and quite literally drain all your energies and focus.

When I have asked clients what is like when they are stuck and they don’t know how to make a  decision, they said it feels like a:

  • Dark cloud hovering over me
  • Misty fog in front of my eyes
  • Weight on my shoulders
  • Road block
  • Brickwall
  • Vicious circle

What’s happening for you right now?

Taking time out to think productively is one way to make good decisions. Asking yourself great questions and separating out all the information is a great way to make decisions easier, separating fact from emotion also works.

When you have space to think productively and break down complex things, the decisions become easier.

By understanding a metaphor that describes your situation and one that depicts what you would like to have happen, it’s possible to plan your next best step with confidence.

Here are some decisions our clients were faced with and found solutions to this month:


  • I want to be my own boss and work from home in my own space and I want company because I like working with people
  • I want help but I hate other people telling me what to do
  • I know I need a business coach or some kind of help but I am worried about the cost and how to chose the right one
  • I have to be more organised to delegate and I need to delegate to be more organised
  • If I do what is right for me, I will let someone else down. I want what is right for me and not let anyone down.
  • I want my daughter to be independent but I don’t want her to be lonely or to feel pushed away
  • I want my team to be independent and I want them to work together
  • I want to be in control and I want others to take more control
  • I want the business to grow but I don’t trust others to work like I do
  • I want more time off and I want to earn more
  • I want to show my child I love them but right now I don’t like how they are behaving



Can you relate to any of them?

Please free to add more in the comments below.

What impact is not making this decision having on your life right now?

What happens to working at your best all the time the decision is not made?

What happens to living at your best all the time the decision is not made?

Our clients work with us for as little as 2 to 4 hours working through the 8 Simple Steps, helping them go from chatting about a problem to productive thinking and planned action easily and effectively.


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