How To Make Lead Generation More Fun?

how to make a good decision?

What is happening for you right now?

When you are selling in a way that is fun that’s like what?

Selling a way that feels right and is fun is something that will be unique to every one of you

This article is about what works for me and what makes lead generation more fun. I hope you will take a moment to consider what works for you too, become curious and fascinated with what is happening when it is easy and it just works.

For me, lead generation is like a big playful water fight on a hot summer’s day. Some people will stand back and don’t want to get wet while others are happy to get stuck in. Every time I engage with another human being I am able to collect a drop of water, a pearl of wisdom or a connection. Perhaps I know someone that I can introduce them to or I can learn from them. I am aware of the big water wheel behind me that represents my sales funnel and I have to add water every day. The water wheel has to keep moving to generate a consistent flow of business.

It started one day with me picking up small cups of water and pouring it onto the water wheel. At first, it seemed like nothing was happening but the more I focused on which cups worked, the faster the buckets on the wheel began to fill.

There are 6 buckets on the wheel one that represents lead generation, another for lead conversion, another for customer care, personal development, and family and product development.

They all need to have water poured into them over the course of a week otherwise the wheel comes to a standstill.

Today, I want to share what works for me in relation to lead generation. When lead generation is at its best, other people come to me with cups of water and pour it into the lead generation bucket.


  • My BNI referral marketing group has proven invaluable in generating awareness and a clear message. It took me a while to know how to work with system but there is evidence now that it is working.
  • Networking- groups where I can present a 60 seconds but also have time to chat to people and find out about what is happening for them. I have to be able to listen to get results; I have to hear what is not working for them and what they would like to have happen to be able to fill up the conversion bucket with useful information and resources that help my ideal client.
  • Events– Such as the All Women Show where we can engage in conversation on and off all day with our target market.
  • Motivational Monday Newsletter sharing top tips, thoughts of the week and articles to inspire.
  • Our Setting You Up For Success Facebook Discussion Group engaging, listening and sharing builds relationships as well as creates them.
  • Team discussions sharing what works each month.
  • Meeting with my clients outside of their normal work pattern with me, understanding their needs, now means I can tailor future products to meet their needs. Plus I can find out how I can help their business, which also results in Referrals from existing clients.
  • Business Partnerships with companies that work in synergy with us means we can market to the same client and share the costs, resources, ideas and keep each other accountable
  • CRM system for keeping a central record of everyone I have met and when and why to contact them next


What do you know now?

What difference if any does knowing that make?

Please do share what you will do different if anything as a result of reading this article.

Plus do share what works for you, not only will you gain clarity and improve your own process you wil inpsire others by sharing.

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How to make good decisions





Sheryl Andrews Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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