How to make your communication stick

My summer reading this year was ‘The Jelly Effect’ by Andy Bound. After just one chapter I have already recognised that his approach is very different to mine and yet we are about communication.

I am about pulling the message out of you, for you to see, hear and feel from a different perspective.  Instead of it being tangled in your head it is there for all to see, clear visual and often in 3D. With this clarity you can articulate more effectively with others what you want to have happen. 

Where as Andy specialises in helping you make your communication stick. So it is like getting all those words and expressions out in a way that will be ‘stickable’ for others.

It is interesting to hear that Andy learned to explain to people exactly what they ‘need to know’ because he had to describe and explain things to his blind mum as a child.

Our minds think in metaphor and it certainly helps others to understand if we use them, Andy talks about  “The Jelly Effect”  He says that if you are throwing more information than is required and it is incorrectly framed, it is like throwing a bucket of Jelly at them. he goes on to say sometimes things do stick but  it  is not the most effective way to communicate.

This is the perfect book for me this summer,  I have realised that one of my patterns is that I don’t start discussions, conversations or even emails at the beginning. I rarely frame or explain where my latest thought has come from.

Alhtough I am great at listening to others and reflecting their own thinking back to them helping them gain clarity of their thoughts, it would seem when I want to share my message I simply pick up 4 buckets of different flavoured jelly over people and look for those who are licking their lips because they love ‘that’ jelly.

I now have a new resource to check in with myself. When I am about to communicate with someone I consider the words of Andy Bound about the ‘Afters’ they get and now I am looking to find out who loves ‘MY JELLY’  then I ask what needs to happen to serve this jelly in a bowl with the right flavour, at the right time and preferabley with a spoon so they can really enjoy it one mouthful at a time.

For me my communication is at it’s best when I am talking about other people and other relationships. I can recognise and word things for other people because their is a distance between me and the information. I can hear their words, see their metaphors, which means I can accurately describe them and their business to others.

Knowing this means I can now metaphorically step back from my words and metaphors and listen in the same way I do to others. This will all help me serve bowls of jelly not buckets.

One way to start to evaluate if your communications are working is ask yourself for feedback by using the feedback questions below:

What worked and how do you know?

What didn’t work and how do you know?

What needs to happen for it to work better?

Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before? if anything?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Please share your comments below, we love to listen.

Thanks for listening,


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