How To Manage Your Business Coach?

How to make a good decision
Shaun Webb Business Development Manager

Having now coached and mentored business owners using two completely different models I have noticed that most business owners I meet are doing lots of things right and often they are putting far too much emphasis on the things they believe are wrong.

What I have seen many well intended advisor’s or business coaches overwhelm the business owner with a to do list of what is needed to turn the business around.

Have you ever attended a fantastic business seminar or read a self help book and in the moment you are raving about how great the information is but then when it comes to practically applying the learning there seems to be a huge gap where all the enthusiasm and drive to take action seeps through?

A great symptom of this is that latest great business book we went out and bought and then left it part read on our shelves.  If the stuff you receive from your coach gets much the same treatment either because you don’t totally believe in it or perhaps the business of business just gets in the way then I have a better solution for you.

What I have noticed since working with Step by Step Listening is that a more successful way of improving a business is to first to discover what is working and the story of why the business is at this point right now.

Can I invite you to take a moment and consider two questions:

What would you like to have happen?

What is currently working in relation to what you would like to have happen?

Be careful not to dismiss this question to quickly. Give yourself time to reflect and think. Notice over the next day or two what has worked and what is working.

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How to make a good decision
Shaun Webb Business Development Manager



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