How To Maximise Your Training Budget?

 How To Lead A Team

This is a site dedicated to sharing, success stories and strategies that our clients have developed when they learned to improve how they listened. It is our intention to inspire you to lead at your best more of the time. Listening to yourself and others and balancing what you need with the needs of others can sometimes feel like you are trying to build a jigsaw on a wobble board. Learning how to improve listening skills in your team can ensure you create a team that provide effective peer support without peer pressure. A team who are able to resource themselves and solve problems faster. A team that work with you not for you.

How to set you and your team up to learn at their best  

How often have you invested in a training course or read a business book and then seemingly taken no action whatsoever?

After a number of conversations this week about a local business coaching event I was not surprised to hear that many of the delegates were totally inspired and fired up directly after the event and yet one week later nothing had actually been implemented.

It made me curious how do you ensure you are getting the maximum out of your training budget?

Sending teams on training can be a great financial commitment for your company. That’s assuming you have reinstated the training budget yet. It sadly tends to be the first thing to go when the budget gets tight.

Ironically when the budget get’s tight that is probably the most important time to keep your team on their toes and inspired. It is the most important time to keep them learning new things and their brains working at optimum so they can be agile and responsive to every opportunity.

How much time and money are you investing in training for yourself and your team right now?

Creating power partners or even power teams in your company can ensure that you and your team are set up for success every time. Sometimes you won’t even have to send them on training you can maximise the knowledge you have within the team.

3 things that will maximise that investment – set up, follow up and an accountable action plan. This might be by you the leader or if you have sent up great power partners or power teams you can set this as a task for the peer support groups to action.

Set up

In pairs or as I like to call them power partners. Give yourself and your team time to mentally prepare for a training.

By gaining clarity of the objectives and purpose of training you can ensure that your mind is focused to pay attention to the right information for now. Knowing what you need or want to get from the training before attending can ensure your mind is focused. It is a fact that the brain can only absorb so much information and therefore focusing your attention can streamline how much information you are trying to process. With modern technology to hand it is much easier now to record the session and revisit this later.

What works for me is to take a moment with my power partner to explore:

What would I like to have happen as a result of this training session?

As a team leader it is also important that you articulate your expectations. What would you like to have happen in relation to the team member?

That way the individual can have your aspirations and their own aspirations in mind when learning.

Follow up

The one thing that I see over looked time and time again is good follow up. For the sake of 20 minutes after every training session with your power partner it is worth noticing the following:

What has happened to outcome? Did you learn what you wanted to?

What has happened to the aspiration of your team leader?

What do you know now you didn’t know before the training if anything?

What difference does knowing that make if any?

What changes have you noticed?

The intention behind these questions is to highlight the learning to the individual even if the response is that they didn’t learn anything new the likely hood is that they are now more aware of their own knowledge level and often are reminded to implement and maximise what they already know.

Lastly if new knowledge has been obtained what needs to happen to transfer this knowledge and implement it?

Here are the questions that work for me?

What do I know now, if anything?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

What would I like to have happen next?

Is there any other kind of resource or support I need to make it happen?

How do I need to be for that to happen?

Can I?

Accountable Action Plan

Take a moment after every learning experience to decide what you would I like to have happen next?

What works for me is to choose 3 things that I will implement over the next 30 days and then review that action plan one month later with the intention of setting an intention of 3 more things for the next 30 days.

What works for one of my mentors Caitlin Walker is to ask you to do one thing consistently for 7 days.

Without action training is just a fun day out and a break from routine which has it’s value in itself but it call comes back to how do you know if your training budget is working?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

How to Lead a Team

This is a site dedicated to sharing and raising aspirations of your team. If you have found it useful please share how to lead a with your friends.

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How to improve your listening skills

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