How you can learn leadership from the England Football Teams Bus Driver


I am fascinated to know what you think to this question. I wrote a post about how leading a team was like conducting an orchestra and then just had a comment left saying the England Team bus driver is a conductor and drives buses for a hobby. Which is confirmed by this article.

Ros Bristow is one of our dedicated facilitators and a music teacher and she often uses music metaphors to ensure she is keeping time with her team (family).

So I just googled conductors this is what I found out about:

What does a conductor actually do?

Now when you read this piece I am sure like me you will be blown away at the detail. So I am thinking when I have now heard more than one leader use the metaphor for when a team leader is leading at his best it is like being a conductor of the orchestra. I wonder if they are taking the time like a conductor to know each piece of music (each member of the team) In my experience the biggest mistake team leaders make is assume they don’t have time. This article reminds me that we as leaders have to make the time to understand our team members so that we fully understand how the whole team ‘hangs’ together.

Now this one gets even more into the details

5 lessons learned about leadership from a orchestral conductor

This is a great demonstration of how our clients develop a metaphor and when explored further can gain them great insight into how to lead at their best.

What is your metaphor for leading or managing at your best?

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