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This is a site dedicated to sharing, success stories and strategies and resources that we as leaders and our clients recognised when using the 8 Simple Steps to clarify our thinking and learned to listen without judgement or assumption.

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I was working with a client recently that was exploring how to switch off in order to perform at her best. She said it is a like her life is a plane, and when she is working her brain is in pilot mode and just like flying a real plane it is not safe to fly for too long for everyone involved.

This particular client was about to take a holiday and she was physically going to be getting on the plane. She was aware that she really wanted to be in ‘passenger mode’, and she wanted to take books and journals on holiday because she recognised this was also a time when she had time to read and great ideas would have space to pop into her head.

She recognised she was exhausted and needed to give her brain a rest from pilot mode to give it time to recuperate. The session was dedicated to developing the resource to switch off.

Through her session she developed a clear hand over with the co-pilot and a process of listening to certain sound tracks whilst in the passenger seat to make the transition fully from pilot to passenger.

Interestingly this metaphor was developed as a resources to deal with an up and coming holiday/vacation. Yet the client now uses this as a visualisation daily both for waking up and taking the role of pilot and to finish at the end of the day to switch off with her family and friends.

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How well do you switch off?

What happens to your performance when you are constantly thinking like that?

What happens to relationships and communication?

There are 2 interesting things for me about this example:

1. Most leaders know they need to listen more and yet say the mantra over and over I don’t have time.

2. By slowing things down to listen to yourself you create space and time to listen for others because in my experience you work more effectively.

So why is it that some companies think employing someone like us to listen to their team on their behalf is a long term solution.

Yes it takes the pressure off, initially and the team do find solutions or they realise even more whey they don’t like working there because the boss does not listen and they leave.

All great short term release of pressure but with no long term strategy. It is almost predicable the next person will come along and the cycle will begin again.

In my opinion and I would love to hear yours I believe the only true way to solve a communication problem is from the top.

By taking time out to develop resources and the time to really listen to your team effectively is one of the most important things you can do.

As the leader learning more about what works for you and what doesn’t means you will communicate more effectively to others and also become curious enough to ask questions to understand what works for them.

Listening effectively  for as little as 6 mins can make the difference to a relationship and therefore their productivity.

Thanks for Listening

How to Lead a Team




Sheryl Andrews


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