If This Young Lady Doesn’t Inspire You; I don’t Know What Will?

For those that know us well you will know that we are keen to inspire people in business to create a profit and have fun at the same time. We hope this in turn will inspire the next generation to create their own employment, which is why it gives me such great pleasure to introduce you to 22 year old Lisa Hancock.

Lisa is the daughter of a friend of one of our most valued clients Tracy Hickson. Another great example of how your network can and will support you in business. Tracy was spreading the word on facebook about this wonderful young lady and I mentioned that every year we sponsor two young people providing them with a business mentor and access to our Business retreats to learn from other business owners.

I am pleased to say that I chatted to Lisa last week and we will be keeping in touch after our first 20 minute laser session. Our focus for 20 minutes was to establish what was working for Lisa. At the end of the call she said “It has made me realise just how much I have achieved.”

It is so easy to plod on in business unaware of just what is working and how well you are doing.

I have to say though, as I listened to her list of what is working, I was blown away by how much she had achieved, she really did put me to shame. (Lisa has achieved more in a few weeks than I did in my first 3 years in business, from website, facebook, twitter and even accounts on excel)

Here is Lisa’s story:

how to make good decisions

When I graduated from Plymouth University in 2012,  I was hopeful that within the year I would have a decent job in the animal sector with good pay and good prospects; however it soon became very apparent that it would not be as easy as just walking into a job, it was hard enough to just find one!

My confidence took a knock when I could not even get a job as a kennel hand. I had 7 years of experience working with dogs and a degree!

When I found out that there were 400 applicants for the role I became very aware of just how difficult it was going to be! So after a year struggling on a minimum wage job I decided to take matters into my own hands – I knew I had a good head for business from my time as Chairperson of the Musical Theatre Society at University and with that and my years of working in kennels I knew I had the ability to start up my own dog sitting and walking company.

Curly Canine Care officially opened for business on 18th July 2013, but a lot of work and planning went into it for months beforehand.

I knew I wasn’t going to be flooded with business straight away and that it would be quite slow to begin with so I would have to be persistent and think of every way possible to get the word out and publicise my business. The first thing I did was decide on an image I wanted to represent my company and that would be easily recognisable and stand out on business cards. I wanted it to be original so based on a real life image I drew my own picture of a dog that couldn’t be replicated by anyone else.

The next obvious steps for me were to make use of social networking so I set up a page on Facebook and Twitter   and started to build up a network.

(Lisa already understands the power of a network. Is your network working for you?)

Initially it was just friends and relatives that joined these pages but now it is gradually starting to spread to other businesses like my own. After that of course I started work on my website – I’m relatively computer literate so using a free site builder I put my site together over a period of a few months, getting ideas and a good impression for what works and what doesn’t from other websites aimed at a similar audience. It’s been up and running for around 3 weeks now and had over 700 hits which is purely from promoting it on Twitter and Facebook and now that I’m starting to spread my business cards in the community, I’m hoping that level will rise.

(I am impressed that Lisa knows the numbers. Have you checked your Google ranking recently?)

The best thing is that with all of this preparation and advertising, I have proof that it has reached someone as next week I’m off to meet my first customer and her two dogs. Fingers crossed she will be the first of many!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story.

I am sharing this with you my network and I ask that you help us get Lisa off to a flying start by sharing this article with all your dog lover friends.

At Step by Step Listening we pride ourselves in not overwhelming clients with our opinions and suggestions. Instead we ask questions in a group environment so that you learn what works for you and what works for others with no obligation or feeling that you should do the same. In fact we encourage you to trust yourself and listen to what works for you.

With this in mind will you please share below what works for you to get clients?

Thanks for Listening

How to make good decisions






Sheryl Andrews Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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