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As Dougie and Mark leave the jungle they acknowledge that when the going gets tough it is great to have someone to talk to. They talked about overcoming their fears and how great their experience has been. That meeting people they would never have met, has been life changing.

You achieve great things if you have someone to talk to when you have a BUM OUT

As the news broadcast daily about how bad the current climate is, it can often feel like you are about to step into another part of a dark dense jungle. It is like every step you attempt to take, to raise confident children and develop your businesses something attempts to hold you back or block your way.

Some say as we go into 2012 it is likely to be one of the toughest years ever. Imagine though if you could step into that jungle only to discover a strong group of people around the camp fire who are determined to overcome all that fear and to make their lives and their businesses a success. A group of people who would allow you to be yourself, show your weakness and highlight your strengths. A group that would not let you give up.  Imagine that same group if they could hold a space for you to get your own thoughts straight, to develop the resources within.  Imagine not being held back by fear but being inspired by creative thinking.

At Step by Step Listening this month as we asked out clients that had attended the Power group and one to one support programme in 2011, what happened this year?

They said things like:


  • I am stronger and more able to weather the storm
  • It has been great to be part of a group of amazing people where you can be yourself
  • I have overcome my fears such at networking or letting go
  • I discovered calling people is not so scary after all
  • I have begun to understand who I am and what I need to work at my best
  • I am more able to explain to others how they can best support me
  • I am looking forward to taking more scary steps next year in the confidence I have the correct support around me to make it happen


As Mark said in his interviewed Saturday when leaving the jungle, it was great to have someone to talk to when you are having a BUM OUT.

We all have them, but do you have ‘a Dougie’, a Mark , a Fatima or a Willy to help bring you back. Do you have the resources to change your mindset to one of success rather than defeat. As we watched the programme you can notice how they have to change the way they think to withstand the rats and the bugs. It is just the same in business you have to change your mindset about the future, the economy and it can be achieved. You just have to decide to make a conscious decision to do so.

We have some new exciting 3 day and 5 day programmes for 2012 with easy monthly payment plans that start in January.

We have monthly Power groups and confidential one to one sessions.

If you are a Business Owner and you want to get out of the jungle call us now 01329 286648

Thanks for Listening

Ps We don’t film and or broadcast it around the world, the space we hold for you is a private and confidential space just for you.

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