How To Improve Your Listening Skills?

One of the most effective ways to improve your listening skills is simply to practice listening.

An activity we do during our Listen, Lunch and Learn taster sessions invites pairs to listen to each other for 5 minutes:


  • Without Interrupting 
  • Without giving your opinion
  • Without making judgements (be curious about your own facial expressions, small gestures or murmurings that might be interpreted as you having a differing opinion which is simply your perception and therefore your judgement)
  • Without giving solutions (when someone is listened to and asked questions that focus there attention on solutions and resources they often solve the problem themselves)


Why would you invest time in listening to people like this?
Delegation and letting go of a particular responsibility is a vital part of the growth for any business and family. Parents and team leaders alike have to develop the skills to empower others to gain more confidence in their own ability to solve problems otherwise they are forever dependent on them for their opinion and judgements.
The fundamental role of parent or team leader is to clarify in detail the outcome required then teach others to learn how to develop their own resources to achieve it.
Letting go of ‘How’ others solve problems is the one challenge and one that many work on at the Do, Delegate or Ditch Retreat and we help individuals refine their listening skills further by teaching them how to ask questions during the Manage, Motivate & Mentor Retreat
All too often time is wasted daily re-instructing the individual on “how to achieve the outcome” when in reality it is the outcome that was never clearly articulated in the first place.
Why not try it today. Listen for longer than you would normally and notice what happens when you keep your opinions to yourself. Check in with yourself whether you spend more time talking how to solve a problem rather than what you want achieved when you are wanting to delegate tasks.
Please do share with me what you discover.
Sheryl Andrews
Communication Coach and Founder
How to improve your listening skills