Is a smoking break really the only kind of break that is approved now?


I really believe that no matter how technical the world gets or how small the internet makes it, we only really get that true sense of connection and worth from the face to face relationships that develop off-line.

Gone are the days where a company shuts for lunch and the whole organisation chilled and socialised together.

I remember my mum worked in a factory and was a smoker. All the women collected together chatting and gossiping during lunch which was at a set time and the whole factory closed at the same time.  it would seem gone are the days of regular coffee breaks or even cigarette breaks where groups of co workers meet.

In some companies they have even dismissed the importance of team meetings.


How scary is it that for many companies the only place where staff meet and know instantly they have something in common, is when they meet in the cold smoking shed. It would make you want to smoke wouldn’t it if you really understood the importance of a break where humans were human.  I was talking to my brother-in-law and he was saying that he started smoking again because in his new company it seemed acceptable for someone to have a cigarette break but if he just went for a coffee it was deemed he was wasting time.

As you can imagine I don’t agree with smoking especially as my mum died of lung cancer but I do believe in human beings talking to each other. Whether you are a sole trader, Managing Director or Chief Executive having someone to talk to can and does make the world of difference to our performance.

Where does it come from that humans having a break and behaving like human beings is not good for business or life in general?

What is happening for you right now in business, do you have regular breaks and chats with people?

Recognise your learning

As  result of reading this what do you know now?

What difference does knowing that make? if any?

Plan your next best step

Now you know that what would you like to have happen next?

Please do leave your thoughts below.

Thank you for Listening


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