Is there a relationship between how to lead a team and how you build a jigsaw?

Good Morning

I do hope you were all able to catch a drop of vitamin D yesterday. It does seem like we have to really make the most of every moment we get with the sun being so unreliable this summer. Mark and I enjoyed a few hours in the garden yesterday chilling with our books.

What happened for you?

Now re-energised and ready to go I would like to introduce you to one of the 7 Reasons we love the Power Group Model and how it can take the pressure off instantly.

Reason 1

You will establish how you work, learn and live at your best.

The Power Group Model is specifically designed to enable you to connect and build rapport with the people who matter to your success and happiness without influencing or telling them what they have to do, think, feel, or say. You will learn about your own patterns, how you do things at your best and acquire the skills to know how to ask others the questions that will give you and them a fuller understanding of what is happening when you are all working, living and learning at their best.

You only have to ask someone how do you build a jigsaw to discover we all do it differently. Who loves the edges, who loves the corners and who loves the challenge of complicated detail in the middle, who loves to work from the picture and who would rather wait for the surprise.

The metaphor above is one that I unravelled a few months ago when I worked with a group and we were establishing how we learn at our best. A few had a jigsaw metaphor but the way they built the jigsaw was so varied. I have to have the lid but, so many others would rather have the surprise and the challenge of working it out for themselves.

How do you build jigsaws?

The Power Group Model creates a safe space to enable you to explore what you are like and what is happening and how you do you at your best. It also helps you learn just how unique others are.

The biggest challenge you will face this week is the lack of awareness of how differently others around you need to work, learn and live.

I know I was completely unaware of how differently other people did things before learning extreme listening and being part of so many power groups since I am continually reminded.

I have worked with profiling tools and they are a great place to start to understand and to bring into the awareness that we are all in fact unique and different, but then you end up in a blue box or green box or labelled high D or high S etc. It is great but how do you work out in every day terms what means to you and your team. How do you know how a high D works at their best or a green person learns at their best.

Power Groups provides you with the questions to understand in detail the uniqueness. Without a need to label or box someone in. It allows change to happen, development to occur and greater understanding.

Ironically the people being asked the questions are rarely aware how they do ‘it’ they have simply been doing it on autopilot for years. The questions therefore give them clarity and understanding as well as you.

Together you unravel what you are like when you are at your best, unravel what is holding you back from best more often and plan your next best step to improve it.

Then the inspiring spirals begin.

Try thes questions for yourself, ask a friend and compare are they the same or different ? Please do share your findings we love to listen.

  • What is happening when you are working at your best?
  • is there anything else about…….? Insert a word that you find yourself drawn too
  • What kind of ……is that ……..? Insert a word that you find yourself drawn too

Thanks for listening



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