Is Your Message Clear, Concise, Correct and Compelling?

How To Lead A Team Effectively

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Is Your Message Clear, Concise ,Correct and Compelling?

One of the most enlightening moments for a leader being facilitated with this process is when they realise that the words they are using to tell others what to do are not even the right words. One of the most frequent questions used in a typical Clean Language session is:

What kind of ……is that …….?

This invariably makes the individual recognise a discrepancy between what they are saying and what might be heard by others. A great example of this is when you hear yourself say some thing like:

“I just want them to get on with things and to work independently”

When asked what kind of independently is that independently, they often realise that they personally are not yet able to let go of the control sufficiently to allow that to happen. One of two things happens at this point usually, and you of course could be different.

  How to lead a team effectively

1. They recognise that this is what they would like to have happen, and therefore take the time to develop strategies and systems that allow it to evolve. This is often a case of learning what they need to let go in order for others to take control. It can  often involve learning how to be okay with others making mistakes with your clients while they learn to take over. Tough but essential to lead a team effectively.

2. The change what they say to reflect what they actually want.

This article was inspired by a one minute pitch from Steve Till of HGR Marketing Limited that I heard at the BNI Big Breakfast networking event where he was very clear that he could help businesses achieve written material that did just that.

It made me realise that we do something similar only we at Step by Step Listening are reflecting back your words so that you can hear them yourself and be clear what they mean to you. Steve is listening to your words and ensuring when read that is what is heard by others. It is interesting how often the words have to change to deliver the intended message.

Clean Language questions can help you recognise the discrepancies faster by developing metaphors to articulate complex things easily.

Once you have a clear, concise, correct and compelling message, then what happens?

This is why we meet with many of our leaders once a month, because it is almost impossible to predict exactly how others interpret your message until you deliver it and then evaluate the response you get.

Taking time to notice what worked can ensure your message is more effective next time.

Taking time to notice what didn’t work and developing new strategies is what enables you to lead more effectively.

At Step by Step Listening we are keen to share the work of David Grove and Clean Language because this technique is fast becoming the most effective way to understand your own thoughts and change them into action.

With this in mind would you please tell me what works for you about this blog, what doesn’t and in your opinion what needs to happen for it to work better?

Is the message in this video clear, concise, correct and compelling? I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment on You tube.

 How to lead a team effectively

Notice what works for you and do it again?

Ask what works for others and do it again?

Notice what doesn’t work and stop it?

Ask others what doesn’t work and change it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

How to Lead a Team

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How to lead a team

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