It Can Take Just 6 Questions to Solve Your Problems in Business Effectively

How to Solve Problems in Business Effectively

Do you feel frustrated either with yourself or others?

Do you feel like others are not listening?

Do your potential clients just not get what you are about, and how much you could benefit them?

Do your team seem to miss golden opportunities despite you constantly telling them how they could do it better?

What is holding you back right now?

One of the most common things to hold you and your business back is unresolved problems, a place of stand still where you cannot make a decision with confidence. You change that right now with the right questions.

Often you can’t even put your finger on what the problem is exactly, so you grapple in the dark trying one thing after another like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. This time of exploration can be expensive as you pay one consultant or trainer after another, to tell you what to do, to make it right.

If they are a good trainer or consultant they will ask lots of questions before presenting a solution.

But are they asking the right questions?

Sadly I see big corporation and small business owners everyday throwing good money at problems, without really being clear what they would like to have happen or even what the ‘real’ problem is. This cycle  costs time, money and energy that could be better used.

The downside of a consultant or trainer they are often asking questions with the intent to prove “they are the solution,” we ask questions so that you discover the solution for yourself. We have no intention of being the solution in fact our intention is not to ever be part of the solution.  We believe you to be the expert of yourself our role is to help you listen to yourself more effectively allowing the solutions that work for you to emerge. Allowing problems to be solved effortlessly and decisions to be made.

These solutions are invariable low cost and very easy to implement and they are something you are familiar with because it has come from you.  Yes sometimes you realise you don’t know something and then you can source this precise solution to solve this precise need.

You do  know you well enough, to solve the problem effectively. 

You are the person who knows what works best for you and your business.

Are you listening to yourself long enough to hear the answer?

I know this is a pain, I have spent many frustrated hours just wanting to be able to hand the problem over and pay someone else to sort it. I have personally spent thousands paying for help and advice only to find I had to spend hours shaving the corners off the square peg to make it fit the round hole.

The good news once you are really clear what the problem is and what kind of solution you are looking for you will be able to source the round peg for the round hole. You will pay for the right kind of help at the right time.

You will buy round pegs for round holes and square pegs for square holes.

The net result you will solve problems in business faster and more effectively.

There is one problem you have to overcome first, YOU have to be prepared to STOP take a moment and THINK really clearly about what is happening right now and what you would like to have happen.

How to Solve Problems in Business Effectively

If you can relate to this then I am pretty sure most of your thinking time is less productive than you would like it to be, so please check out the offer below.

If you can’t relate to it and you think differently please leave a comment below let’s engage in conversation so that I may understand what it is like for you right now.


The one thing I am not is a mind reader, but I do know that you know more than you realise and I would love to listen and learn.

Below are 2 opportunities to gain clarity right now.

Success without Stress in 8 Simple Steps

Step 6:  Problem Solving Questions

If you spend more time talking about the problem or the person and you rarely talk about the solution.

Change Your Focus to Change Your Results

Step 6 provides 6 questions that enable you to do that, the first question in this section will help you start to become more decisive and more effective at solving problems, it will help you understand with more clarity what you would like to have happen rather than simply understanding what you don’t want to have happen.

Check in with yourself right now by asking yourself:

What would I like to have happen?

Take a moment to really consider what you want.

For the other questions and self coaching activities sign up today for our FREE eBook Success without Stress in 8 Simple Steps

Step 8: Plan your next best step

FREE 30 minute Session

Gain that clarity now and have one of our trained facilitators ask you 6 powerful questions for as little as 30 minutes for FREE.

We will help you break down complex matters easily so that you can plan your next best step for now. 

Our Promise to You

In 30 minutes you will have one of 3 things:

1. A solution to your problem 

2. An understanding of whether these questions and our Power Groups are part of the solution

3. Greater understanding of what the problem really is and therefore able to source the appropriate solution



Subject: FREE 30 Minutes

Tell us what day and time is best for you and we will do our best to match your availability with one of our team

Thanks for Listening

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Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator 


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