Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership skills are an essential part of either being a business owner or a team manager within an organisation. There are many leadership styles and skills that you can adopt to make yourself an effective leader. How you lead a team can directly impact productivity, customer service, staff retention and overall efficiency of the business.

What makes us different from any other leadership training available is that the focus is on learning how to improve how you listen to yourself and how you need to be to lead at your best.

Much of your time is dedicated to resourcing, empowering and motivating others. Our role is to create space and time in your diary for you to listen to yourself and develop your own bespoke resources to lead at your best. Enhancing core skills like listening, questioning and feedback whilst empowering you to create your own bespoke resources which for some might be:

• More Resilient
• More Assertive
• More Confident
• More Decisive
• Less Sensitive
• Less Chaotic
• Less Controlling

Whatever the resource you need you will learn how to listen to yourself and develop strategies that work for you.

Peer Support without Peer Pressure

Whether you are a small business owner looking to employ PAYE staff or freelancers or you are a manager of a team within a larger organisation resourcing yourself is the first step to learning how to lead a team at your best.

You will:

• Gain clarity, focus and direction
• Unravel what assumptions and misconceptions are holding you back
• Develop resources to work, learn and live at your best more of the time

Sheryl Andrews from how to lead a team offers a flexible approach to learning and building on your current leadership skills, and her one to one leadership training courses and leadership training retreats offer you the opportunity to learn more about what you personally need to lead a team at your best.

By investing in yourself you can:

Leadership Training Benefits

• Lead with clarity focus and direction
• Recruit the right people to work with you
• Become a more effective leader.
• Improve listening skills, reducing assumption, judgement and conflict
• Ask good questions that empower and encourage yourself and others to take action
• Give and invite effective feedback that results in change not conflict
• Know how and when to motivate, manage or mentor your team
• Involve your team in the solution
• Deliver clear communications that the team understand and buy into
• Plan with your team and the end goal in mind.
• Be stronger and more assertive in difficult situations.

The above leadership training benefits are a just highlight of the key points about developing your leadership skills and styles and how to lead a team more effectively. The leadership training courses that Sheryl Andrews offers will not only enhance your skill set, but will give you the leadership tools that you will need to teach your team to listen and empower each other, providing sustainable peer support without peer pressure.


I saved myself £3000 by learning to listen to myself and trust my own existing knowledge
Tony Armstrong Managing Director BMD Global

Your approach is so simply and applicable to any situation
Kelly Seech Florida USA

Sheryl Andrews offers leadership training courses from her office in Gosport, Hampshire or alternatively if you are not local talk to Sheryl about the online workbooks and courses you can purchase supported by group conference calls.

To get in touch please contact Sheryl Andrews on 01329 286648 or by email directly to sheryl@stepbysteplistening.com

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