Learn to Listen and Perform at your Best

This weekend I have been learning with the help of Web Chemistry’s on-line support how to determine the right keywords for my new website and my articles.

I have always know that Extreme Listening for Productive Thinking helps individuals develop their intrinsic way of doing things and naturally helps them perform at their best.

I have always known that when we can learn to listen and listen to learn we can make small changes that make a huge difference.

I have also always known that some of my best ideas come when I take a break.

So it is great to come across an article that supports your beliefs. While I was checking out what came up when you searched for ‘perform at best’  in google. I came across this article http://www.science20.com/rogue_neuron/we_perform_best_when_no_one_tells_us_what_do

An interesting read about how it benefits creative thinking to give people a space to not think about things. This is exactly why Power Groups work, you have time to focus on what is working and the outcomes you really want and suddenly all these creative and out of the box ideas have space to pop in.

Have you ever noticed how ideas wake you in the middle of the night or when you are in the shower. There is so much benefit to giving yourself a break. Einstien was renowned for his power naps. Well if you are feeling like you can’t possibly stop what if you could have a Power Group.

A dedicated meeting with peers once a month where you took time to explore and think out of the box. Imagine then what happens to performing at your best.

Thanks for listening


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