How To Make A Good Decision In Business?

How To Make A Good Decision? 

Step 1- Create a Plan

Check in with yourself and be really truthful and honest.

What would you like to have happen?

That plan might be what would you like to have happen next week, next month or next year the choice is yours. One of the most vital things about making a good decision is to understand what you are making the decision in relation to.

For example is your ambition or goal to earn more money or have more time with loved ones or both. With a clear knowledge of what you want you have a measuring stick so to speak to evaluate the decision against.

Step 2- Understand how you make a good decision

How do you know a good decision?

What determines good for you?

By understanding your own personal process of evaluating what is good can make it easier and faster to recognise a good decision in the moment. Here are some more questions you can ask yourself to gain more clarity and understanding of how you personal make good decisions:


  • What determines good?
  • What happens just before good decision?
  • What happens just before that?
  • Then what happens?


When you can unravel how you make a good decision and what a good decision is like for you you are able to react faster in the moment.

‘Good’ will be unique to each and everyone of you.

Knowing where you want to be at the end of a series of decisions acts like a guiding light that enables you to overcome roadblocks and diversions without stress or anxiety. It is like the sat nav that simply and calmly re-routes.

Step 3 Follow up

Review and update your outcome and your decision making model regularly. Things change all the time and sometimes we can be unaware that we have already reached our desired outcome and like the sat nav if you keep putting the destination in and you are already there you will stand still or simply go round in circles.

When you are clear about what you would like to have happen and you know how you make good decisions then you are more likely to be able to:


  • Change course and adapt to change faster
  • Recognise why you are stuck sooner 
  • Be able to make a decision and take action 


If you would like to create a plan and learn how you make good decisions please do check out our FREE strategy calls. 30 mins to gain clarity about what you would like to have happen and start to understand your own decision making process works.

We guarantee you will leave that 30 mins call with one of the following:


  • Problem solved or decision made
  • Know how to solve the problem
  • Know that our development programme is part of the solution


You could of course leave with all three.

What have you got to lose? Apart from the problem!

Thanks for listening

Sheryl Andrews


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