How To Make A Good Decision? Make It Easier For Your Solicitor

How to make good decisions?

Let me introduce you to Jo Houston from Just Family Law who is an expert at helping her clients make good decisions. Jo like many business owners has worked with us to gain clarity focus and direction in her business. This relationship then developed into the partnership we have today.

Jo specialises in family law but unlike some of the lawyers I have met, Jo really works hard to ensure that the clients are truly looked after.

It soon became apparent to Jo that some clients were really stuck with a decision. Jo could advise them of their ‘rights’ legally but often that was not enough for them to actually make a decision that felt right.

Here are some of Jo’s thoughts: 

“With over 20 years of dealing with clients going through the trauma of family breakdown and related issues, I firmly believe that many of the problems locking families in conflict are caused by communication issues particularly where the parenting and shared parenting of children is concerned.

With communication blocks between parents, court proceedings are more likely and this leads to increased legal costs often in cases where the legal issues or real welfare issues are not significant.

This also impacts on the emotional well-being of children who can become drawn into the court process, increasing their worries and concerns about their separated families and sometimes parents can even be denigrated to the children resulting in parental alienation syndrome.

That is why I regularly suggest that my clients speak to Sheryl at Step by Step Listening. The sessions offer you space and time to think through clearly about what you would like to have happen without suggestion or opinion from others. Time to clarify what is happening and time to make a good decision based on the information you have.

Step by Step Listening can help you to communicate more easily and effectively with your ex reducing family tensions and disputes and to make arrangements that are in the best interests of the children and family as a whole.

I have found it useful to refer clients to Sheryl if they are undecided as to whether or not to take the step of separation or divorce. The sessions give them space and time to evaluate their needs, goals and issues in a non-confrontational objective and effective way.

This helps clients to make the right decisions and eases the strain of separation on them and their families. It also helps me as a lawyer to obtain concise and clear instructions from my clients which makes my job much easier and more cost-effective.”

How much is indecision and frustration costing you?

Who would you be if you could make a decision and take action?

How many clients do you lose because you don’t know how to help them make a difficult decision?

These are some of the questions you can resolve when you work with Step by Step Listening.

If you would like to find out more please check out our FREE 30 minute telephone strategy calls where you will leave with either:


  • Problem solved and or decision made
  • Know how to solve it
  • Know that our sessions are part of the solution


You could of course leave with all 3.

What have you got to lose? Apart from the problem

Thank you Jo for your contribution this month. Please do leave your comments below if you have any questions for Jo or the Step by Step Listening Team.

Thanks for Listening

how to make good decisions

Sheryl Andrews

Founder & Power Group Facilitator