How To Make Good Decisions About Your Health?

Over the years of helping business owners create their own bespoke tools to manage themselves time and others the one thing that repeatedly comes up is their health. I have worked with clients to develop time strategies to eating properly, create more time for activity and even a plan to come off anti-depressants.

Not your normal business planning sessions I know, but let’s face it you are crucial to your business and your family. What could be more important than looking after you?

This article was inspired by a discussion I had recently with a client of ours. It got me thinking about how do you make a good decision about your health when running our own business?

It is all too easy to get stuck behind the computer or tied up in customer appointments that before you know it you haven’t been out for a breath of fresh air in days or eaten a proper meal in weeks.

Philippa Williams a qualified and practicing Nurse, Nordic Walking instructor and Juice Plus distributor and of course a valued client of ours has developed businesses that help people get well and feel better about themselves. It was great to spend the morning with her recently finding out more about how she makes decisions about her health. Here is a snippet from our conversation:

“I (Philippa) started taking juice plus, a whole food supplement about a year ago. I soon felt a lot better. I recognised that there was a gap between what I should eat and what I was managing to eat despite eating reasonably healthily and even choosing to use a number of raw food recipes I was facing the battering of daily life and my body was feeling it.

When the second ‘batch’ of Juice Plus capsules arrived ‘we’ suddenly became aware of the price for 2 of us to be taking this supplement and ‘we’ decided to stop taking it.

It was a financial thing, but after about a month of not taking Juice plus I was really feeling tired and lethargic.

With this in mind I decided to start again with Juice plus and haven’t regretted a day since as my energy levels are increased and I am not so tired, meaning I can manage my life appropriately.

When I asked Philippa what kind of decision making process was that she said:

“The decision making process was simple, it was all about me, how I felt , in that I was not functioning at my best in anything I did and was more grumpy and tired. I didn’t like it so made the decision to either stay grumpy and tired or do something about it and I knew the Juice plus made a difference.

Re the finance well the money had to be found. I remember asking myself whose financial head was I wearing? Mine or my partners?

I decided to wear mine and my rough calculations showed me that by eating healthier I was spending less money.

Ironically having made my decision I found myself with space in my head to move forward and create the money required to support my decision.

(I have yet to convert my partner he is choosing a different lifestyle and with that comes different choices)

Philippa Williams Nordic Walking Instructor, Nurse and Juice Plus Distributor

The reason I am sharing this story is because all too often we make a decision based on ‘money’ or even someone else’s opinion.

What value can you put on your health?

How often can you and do you truly check in and think:

What would I like to have happen?

How often do you put your own health on the back burner and neglect it?

Please do share your experiences and thoughts below.

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Thanks for listening

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Sheryl Andrews

Founder & Power Group Facilitator