Do your team meetings pass the zest test?

Many leaders recognise that gaining the buy-in of the team is vital for any team to be successful. Many more use metaphors to sell/tell a story to engage their team. This can be really effective however:

How do you know you have the buy-in of ALL of the team? 

The Power Group Model takes care of ensuring every member is heard and included in the discussion. By following the 8 steps below and asking each person a carefully structured questions for an equal amount of time, everyone speaks and everyone reflects.

Step 1 Chatting with Purpose- give your team time to connect as human beings.

Step 2 Introductions- a great chance to introduce the ethos of everyone listening and holding back their opinions and judgement of each others ideas as they are shared.

Step 3 Set up- These questions ensure that everyone takes responsibility for ensuring they have what they need to get the most out of the meeting. Taking the pressure off you.

Step 4 What is working? In pairs explore what has worked.

Step 5 take a break

Step 6 What would you like to have happen? Time to share what you would like to have happen and what they all would like to have happen.

Step 7 Recognise the learning  and check what difference knowing this makes

Step 8 Plan your next best steps

In just 1 hour at our recent team meeting using this model we we had a fully formed metaphor representing our social media marketing at its best with everyone having contributed towards it development. We recognised that we had to get the zest out there and that we could not give out the whole orange (all the details about  power groups and extreme listening for productive thinking) It also became our logo for power groups


How do you know if your meetings are passing the zest test?

What would you like to have happen next?

Thank you for listening.

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