Mulit-Level Team Leaders – Change your Focus, Change Your Results

One of the things I hear most MLM team leaders talking about is the frustration about spending hours on the phone listening to their team moan, complain, make excuses or worse still avoid contact.

How can you lead at team like that?

The biggest challenge being of course that many of the team are not even in the same country. So how do you overcome the challenges of supporting a team that are not really a team. They are in fact a group of individuals with something in common.

Is a group of individuals with something in common the same or different to a team?

I would say they are the same but different and the Power Group model fits perfectly for groups who want to communicate and learn from each other but are not responsible for them.

Imagine a group who are able to really tap into what works for them whilst exploring their own thinking, devising their own strategies whilst they hear how their peers are solving their challenges. Which by default are likely to be a challenge they may face seen as they are in a similar industry.

The Power Group Discussion Model is simple and yet very effective. There are a number of elements but today I would like to share 2 of them:

1. Ask the right questions, the questions really do make the difference.

2. Change the focus to change the results. Encourage yourself and other to explore in details what has worked or what is working?

Do not dismiss the simplicity of this process ask empowering questions about what has worked and what will happen by default is that you will do more of what works because it is already familiar you have done it before and as part of the process you will discover what needs to happen for it to work better.

Here are a few words from Belinda Butler a Mary Kay Sales Director:

Thank you for listening


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