My biggest problem is that I am a bit of a perfectionist

I would like to say a  huge thank you to Jill Thomson soon to be Stevenson of H4Photo. Jill recently liked our facebook page and very kindly agreed to chat to me about what was draining her right now.

Jill said, “It is hard  to succeed at everything and  currently my home is the thing that is being left to slide and this is frustrating me. My biggest problem is that I am a perfectionist.  “I like my house to be just so and I am not use to juggling. I am trying to succeed at everything.”

Like many of our clients being a perfectionist is a great quality and I am confident her brides love her for it. Taking the time to get the detail right  is essential for Wedding Photography. The reality is that we do only have so many hours in the day, there will always be more housework, more business work and most of us want more time with family and friends.

Jill and I chatted for a bit and then I asked the question we always ask if someone has a ‘problem’

What would you like to have happen?

Jill responded ” I would just like to figure out the balance, I do enjoy taking care of my home, taking care of my partner and cooking. I think I have to delegate more.”


If you are feeling like Jill what would you like to have happen?

Take some time to consider this question. You can ask yourself some more questions about your response enabling you to understand your current thinking.

Choose a word that catches your attention and ask yourself:

What has worked or what is working in the relation to ………?

So with Jill’s example what has worked in terms of delegate?

What is working in terms of delegate?

How do you know it works, what are you hearing, seeing or feeling that tells you it works?

These are some of the questions you can ask to establish a solid foundation to plan your next best step.

Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Thanks for Listening

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