OMG I did not realise that people thought that about me, how interesting!!

For a number of years I have worked with teams, parents and business owners I watch them:


  • Unravel the key to doors that have been locked for years
  • Pull down walls that have blocked them, for as long as they can remember
  • Take huge leaps of faith and land safely


The whole process never ceases to amaze me.

But the most amazing feeling is when you can take a moment to look at yourself and have one of those BFO moments. You know when you go, oh!!! I get it, I have done this before. or that’s why that happens!

I love those moments because when I learn something about myself  it can and does:


  • Change the way I interact with others
  • Improves my ability to learn
  • Enhances my relationships
  • Enhances the experience other people have when working with me


All of which increases the success of my family and my business.

My B.F.O. that I wanted to share with you today is around a conversation I had with a trainer and friend of mine. I had indicated an interest in one of her new programmes and she said “I would rather you didn’t attend my training session because I have a fear you would take over.” You can tell we are good friends because she was able to tell me this.

At first I was a bit hurt and bemused why she would think that, then fascinated and interested. It is this curiosity that enables me now to work at my best. I have to confess I did for a moment think it is more about her lacking confidence. But then it hit me!!!

I remembered other people have said this to me before. This is when you know you have to sit up and smell the coffee.

I have had this with my own clients when they are exploring something about staff issues and they say, yeah and my wife says the same or I don’t praise my kids either or I don’t like being talked to like that from anyone. All little signs we can take notice of or ignore.

I talked to my mentor and trainer luckily she was able to offer me some feedback on this given matter. Interestingly she had seen me do a ‘behaviour’ that could be interpreted by others as taking over in our very first training.

How interesting as I explored this with my mentor and coach I realised that I have done that in many meetings and some of the responses I had from other people all make sense now.

With the help of my coach I have since developed a greater understanding of why I do that and how I learn so that I can explain to other delegates and trainers what I need to learn at my best. Or I simply keep quiet.  I have found I can ask myself the questions in my head which means other people have an uninterrupted learning experience if the learning is not to much out of my comfort zone.

Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Please share your comments below, we love to listen

Thanks for listening



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