One Question Made Me Think About The Development Of The Business From A Position Of Confidence

How To Lead A Team Effectively?

We had the privilege of  working with business partners Jo and Susie from Tower House Horses.

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The Step by Step Listening team attended a half day session with Jo and Susie. We learned a lot about ourselves that day and would highly recommend the experience to those wanting to gain greater awareness and learning of themselves. One day in the field highlighted so much for me as a leader and quickly gave me information about my team that I was completely unaware of up until that point. This is a great example of why Clean Language partnered with other leadership programmes can be so profound. As a team we actively listen to each other and believe we are communicating effectively and yet the horse day brought into awareness ‘stuff’ we had not considered to even talk about.

With this sharing of processes Jo and Susie attended a Power group session. As business partners they wanted clarity of where they were heading. This is what Susie said a few months later:

“For me the most important thing I took out of the mapping exercise was the part where we were encouraged to look at what was working for us. As you know, in the first couple of years of a new venture, there are blind alleys and dead ends which can lead to a loss of clarity of thought about the direction of the business. I found it most useful to remind myself that we actually have a fantastic “product” – we know what we do with the horses works. If I go back to that start point it enables me to think about the development of the business from a position of confidence.

Along with a number of other pieces in the overall jigsaw, I think this has helped with fine tuning our strategy. The business is starting to develop organically along the right lines for us. We have found a way to expand our existing substance misuse recovery work to a wider geographical area, and our team development work is taking off – finally! So, apart from being in desperate need of some “climate change”, we are going into 2014 in a positive frame of mind.

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How to lead a team effectively






Sheryl Andrews

Communication Coach

Sometimes the language we use in every day conversation is not enough to know how to lead a team effectively which is why days like this with horses and metaphors can break down barriers fast.