10 things To Increase How Many People Refer Business To You

Setting you up for Success

There are 10 things every business needs to sustain itself:

  1. Be really clear who you would like referred to you
  2. Tell stories that make it easy for others to understand who you are looking for
  3. Actually take the time to ask people if they will refer business to you
  4. Make it easy for people to refer business to you, ask them what they need
  5. Keep in touch with existing clients and referral partners, maintaining relationships means that they don’t forget you
  6. Take the time to thank people for the referral, keep them informed of what is happening.
  7. Recognise that although your system works for you, your team will need to find their own unique way to work within your system
  8. Set time aside every week to build and maintain relationships
  9. Find business referral partners that understand your system and will work with you
  10. Join a group with an established system, learn from them while you earn.

For 5 years Step by Step Listening worked hard at networking because all the evidence tells us that is what works for our business to get more clients. Our results tell us that all of our clients came from word of mouth, recommendations and networking. But eventually every business owner runs out of time, which is why a breakfast meeting allows you to work full time in your business and allows you consistently to work on your business too.

You may have your own system as the owner it is likely if you developed the system it will work for you, the challenge is convincing others that it can work for them.

Networking and referral marketing is a system, you have to understand who you are looking for, clearly communicate that to others then you have to engage with potential partners and maintain those relationships over time.

It can be a full time job so how do you manage it on top of actually running the business?

Find someone who has a system in place, then find out how you can join that group and create a power team that will actively work with you to find referrals. I would like to invite you to such a group, Uplands Wickham Referral Marketing Group.

We are having a launch Party and would love you to come.

6th June 2013 6.45am to 9am.

We are looking for professionals who can handle more business and are committed to developing a referral marketing strategy for their business that works. This group has ambitions to be the most successful referral marketing group in Hampshire so don’t miss this chance.

Call Sheryl on 01329 286648 0r email info@stepbysteplistening.com to request your invitation.

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