Power Groups

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Power Groups are facilitated using our own unique 8 step discussion model. It provides you and other Directors with the opportunity to meet with peers and chat with purpose, talking through what works, what doesn’t work and what needs to happen for it to work better, in a safe and confidential space.

It also shows you how you too, can create peer support without peer pressure within your own company by following a simple 8 step process that enables you within a group to solve your own problems. You will discover the way that is unique to you and therefore the best and most productive way for you to work.

You may arrive bogged down and frustrated with the pressures of the role, but you will leave lighter, with more energy and with clarity about your next best step.

Through the group experience you will:

  • Learn to acknowledge similarities and respect the differences
  • Have increased understanding and therefore confidence in what works for you and therefore do more of it
  • Build on the foundations that enabled your company to achieve it’s current success
  • Understand the detail of what was happening when it worked so that you can repeat it again and share it with others
  • Learn from other Directors what works for them

Throughout the session you can listen to others, however you are invited to hold back your comments, suggestions and opinions. It is not your responsibility in this session to solve their problems, they can and will do that for themselves.

Would you like a team that could resolve their own problems?

This session will allow you to gain greater understanding of yourself and how questions and an ethos can and does empower others to find their own solutions.

You will be able to listen for the purpose of learning and sharing rather than being responsible for helping them.

Imagine if every time you listened to a member of your team it meant they found their own solutions and your ‘to do list’ got shorter not longer.

The day is all about what you need and want in the moment. Extreme listening at first can be quite a challenge but once you see the results you won’t ever go back.

We run full day sessions, where we follow the Power Group Discussion Model in the morning, Liam’s Kitchen UK will then provide you with a lovely lunch and the afternoon is a session where you can chose to either, plan, write, receive training or have some more facilitation.

We work in partnership with you all of the time pulling on the skills and resources in the room allowing you to train and support each other.

Would you love a team that did? 

To find out more about the next Power Group click here

To find out more about the next Directors Power Group click here

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