Productive Time to Think


What was happening and why did you decide to work with Step by Step Listening?

I wanted to really listen to my clients and ‘hear’ what they were saying. I signed up initially as I wanted to be able to ask the ‘right’ questions during the Facebook Strategy calls that I offer. I used the sessions to establish what needed to happen for me to listen at my best. Discovering a way that was right for me.

How did we meet?

Sam Russell of The Social Sardine and I met at Winning Women networking group in 2008, in fact Sam built and designed our first website before her business evolved into the Facebook Oracle and became The Social Sardine. I am pleased to say that the partnership has stayed strong and it is great to work with Sam via the membership site that supports us to learn at our best with Facebook.



Please tell us about you and your business…

I run The Social Sardine and I am a Facebook Strategist, which means I teach people how to grow their business using Facebook in way that saves them time and gives them more freedom to do what they love in their business and reach more people.

What kind of sessions have you experienced?

Power Groups

Private one to one sessions via skype and phone

What are the sessions like?

I call them ‘therapy for my business’, it is dedicated time to think productively about what I would like to have happen.

What is happening now?

I am actually working with Sheryl in private sessions, unravelling what is holding me back and developing some resources with regards to some personal things, which has been transformative and amazing, which also makes a difference in my business too.

Who would you recommend the sessions too?

Anyone who needs to get to the ‘heart’ of an issue or thing that is bothering them. If you want a space where you are really listened to and can come to your own solution then Step by Step Listening is for you.

Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Thank you for Listening



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