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Here’s a Quick Way To Relieve The Pressure Of Leading A Team In The Recession

How to lead a team effectively in a recession
Shaun Webb
‘The Directors Confidant’

How To Lead A Team Effectively?

Would you like to leave a discussion with renewed enthusiasm and faith in the way you are currently managing yourself, your team and your business?

Then tell me…

Is leading a team in the good times the same or different to leading a team in a recession?

  • Are you under pressure to keep up appearances to staff, clients and contacts?
  • Do you value and want peer support but not sure who you can talk to?
  • Have you lost sight of what is working with the continual financial pressure and worry?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the figures and find yourself avoiding looking at them?
  • Have you taken pay cuts to keep your business going?
  • Have you never really drawn the income you wanted?
  • Do you often pay others before yourself?
  • Do you know your own performance & productivity are being affected by your current thinking?
  • Are constantly frustrated by the mistakes made that cost the business time and money?
  • Are you a self-employed Director of a team, or perhaps the Founder of your business?
  • Would you like to get your spark back that helped your business reach it’s current point?

Knowing how to lead a team in a recession when you are under so much pressure is not an easy task. So take a moment, smile, allow yourself to be curious as you answer these 5 thought provoking questions that will help you put things back into perspective and think more productively.

[WCSubHeadline]The first step to lead your team effectively is to understand 100% what you would really like to have happen so:[/WCSubHeadline]

  1. What would you like to have happen?
  2. In relation to that ,what has worked in the past and what is working right now?
  3. What needs to happen for more of that to happen?
  4. Can you?
  5. Then what happens?

Shaun Webb, “The Directors Confidant”, has recently joined forces with Sheryl Andrews, the founder of Step by Step Listening.  After many years as a Director, General Manager and more recently supporting the owners of small businesses, Shaun recognised that the Power Group model provided a valuable and essential resource for Directors and other team leaders who want to learn how to lead their team more effectively

Leaders like you often have nowhere to discuss the challenges and issues you face in your role. Peer support without peer pressure can take the pressure off you instantly and will give you clarity of thinking. You will leave knowing what your next best step is.

A confidant in business is often hard to find and perhaps you have considered a business coach but you can’t justify the cost. Perhaps you don’t want a coach pushing you to make your business bigger and better, you simply want to manage the existing business more effectively.

In your heart of hearts you know you already know what to do and resent being told by others what you already know. What you need and want is time to think constructively and productively in order to establish how and what to do first.

With this in mind, Shaun and I have created a bespoke support programme for Directors, Owner Managed Businesses and/or Founders. We’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt! We’ve helped 100′s of other business owners break this vicious cycle.

What we have recognised is that three things are important:

  1. Working in groups keeps the cost down and improves the results because you have a unique opportunity to hear how others handle similar challenges and it’s always a great relief to realise you are not the only business owner feeling like that.
  2. Space to think about things as they truly are instantly taking the weight off your shoulders.
  3. When given the right space and time to think, you can unravel what is holding you back and plan your next best step with confidence.

Through our unique group discussion model, every minute in a Power Group is used effectively, you will have time to digest, learn, plan and evolve as the ideas, solutions and resources emerge from the group discussion.

Do you want some quality time to think?
Do you want to learn how to lead a team in a recession?

Then come along to our Directors Power Group Day being held in Gosport on Thursday, 8 November 2012. Every participant will receive a FREE copy of the first chapter of ‘The Director’s Guide’, achieving success without the stress.

Thank you for listening!

Power Groups-Peer Support for Leaders

How to lead a team effectively in a recession.…………. share your thoughts below. What is working for you? .

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