How do you get your team to buy into the Vision?

How do you get your team to buy into the Vision?

It is come to my attention in recent interviews that the team buying is to the vision, everyone knowing the objective and the importance of their role in it is vital. A team will really pull together when the whole team buys into the vision. This article is not about giving you all the answers because quite frankly, if we working with you we would ask some really powerful and impactful questions, some of which are in this article and yes they will give you some clarity. But the real reason to read on is because you don’t have the answer someone else does and these questions in the right hands could help you find them.

The reason I can’t give you the answer is because despite my own 25 year plus leading teams and my 15 year plus training teams and more recent years training, coaching and mentoring teams,  I have no idea about your team, your vision, I have no idea how large your team is and I certainly have no idea what has happened upto now, I am pretty sure however you do know the answer to all these questions. I suspect if you reflect on a time when it has worked even if it was a smaller visions like how to hit a deadline rather then the big company vision, and focus your attention on what worked then. How did you get the buy in of your whole team then?

Here are some questions to consider that will help you gain some clarity of the detail and steps you took to make it happen:

What kind of vision was it?

Where did the vision come from?

When it works what is happening?

What happened just before buy in?

When buy in like that then what happens?

Now the dilemma you may have is that you maybe operating from the misconception that you know every signle member of your team. That is your first mistake (in my opinion) That assumption that you know someone else will result in a lack of buy in at some level.

 If you take the same attitude that I have at the beginning of this article that you are wise, you have experience but you will never have the wisdon and knowledge to know each and everyone of your team well enough to actually think for them, then you have got it. The key to unlocking the buy in. Check out the article the Key to Unlocking the Buy in of your team when leading a team meeing.

What I can share in this article is what happened for myself and my team and what I know to be true for me personally as a leader, my certainty about the vison has to be unshakeable but it also has to be in line with the vision of individuals within the team.

Our Vision is to raise aspirations of whole communities through powerful facilitation.

Our Mission is to be recognised as the leading provider of group facilitation in the South of England.

I absolutely know that the Power Group Model that we train and coach does and will raise aspirations of families, businesses and ultimately whole communities. I have watched it happen on a smaller scale and I know and can clearly visualise a community of people that acknowledge similarities, and respect the differences. A community that know not to operate from assumption but to ask a question or two to clarify. This knowing comes from me observing how the process has transformed my own business, me personally, my family, the businesses and families of my clients. But this is my Vision.

What happens just before I have the buy in of my team?

 I spend time helping them recognise what their vision is for them and their life. We then together establish if their is a relationship between the company vision and their personal vision. It has happened that our visions only had a relationship until a certain point and then they part company and those people have then left our team and continued on their own journey to achieve their vision with the knowledge they were with us whilst the visions were congruent. The members of our team now have visions that are congruent with the company vision. The whole process has been so much easier to achieve through metaphor.

My 3 steps to gain buy in of my team:

Step 1. Be clear in detail what the vision and develop the metaphor for it.

Step 2. Develop the individuals vision metaphor for their vision

Step 3. Explore the relationship between the 2 metapgors/visions and create a joint metaphor

If you have another process that has worked please do share below. We are wanting to develop a collaborative community of leaders and it can start today with you sharing.

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