Sheryl Speaks Honestly About the Stresses in 2012

Do you wear a mask that tells the world everything is okay, when inside your stomach is churning?

All too often we place that all important smile on and pretend everything is okay for the sake of the team, the clients or even the family.

Some say you should leave your personal stuff at home.

Others say don’t bring your work problems home.

Even more interesting is what happens when you work from home or it is a family run business.

Our strap line “Success without Stress in 8 Simple Steps” might imply that everyone at Step by Step Listening is free of Stress 24/7 , so this is an article to share the truth and how the 8 Simple Steps don’t eradicate it, but they certainly give you the tools to manage it. I know that for many of our clients they find it reassuring to hear that it is not just them who have ‘challenges/issues’ in life.

It is great to hear about the success stories and it is demotivating to listen to someone complaining about how unfair life is, so it becomes almost impossible to know how or when to say:

” You know what life is tough today or this week or this year”

2012 has been one of the most rewarding years on so many levels because I have learned so much about myself as a result of the challenges but it has been one of my hardest personally which I am sure has resulted in business feeling a bit tougher too.

I’m not even going to mention the recession as it has nothing to do with that, it’s all about how I manage myself and my emotions through change.

It has been great to have a team around me that notice if I am ‘seeming’ stressed or sensing the signs and who will say “What has happened to success without stress?”

Instantly I smile and think, ‘right what needs to happen for success without stress to happen?’. The periods that I feel stressed for are shorter and the solutions are often not far away.

I have read many articles and seen many status updates recently that are upbeat and singing positivity from the roof tops and some that are having a great old moan. So this article is about saying “hands up” I have found this year hard, if you feel the same you are not alone.

We all have those moments when our emotions confuse even us. But what I do know is that the 8 Simple Steps have given me the tools I need to manage it when it happens and even anticipate and prevent it coming in the first place.

Success with Stress

A great example of handling things a little differently was when we had some beautiful new business cards designed.

You may have noticed from the blog that detail isn’t my thing, so after investing in a designer,  I had 7 people check them.

I was really keen to produce a card that I would be proud of in the corporate world, one that was professional and set us apart from others.

We wanted clean, clear and crisp, reflecting a calm stress free way of doing business and home life.

It was like Christmas day, when they are arrived I was so excited until I turned them over and saw:

“Success with Stress in 8 Simple Steps”


At that point I think I said a rude word, stamped my foot just a little ( I was in public at my local B.N.I. meeting) then I took a deep breath and remembered Success without Stress and made the decision to see this as a talking point about how we hear and see what we are expecting to.

Since then many have said that success with stress works for them which is a great example of why we should never assume that others interpret the information the same as we do.

Many people have said that Success with Stress is what they like and want. Stress for them is the driver, the motivator that keeps them going.

What do you think?

Is Success with stress the same or different to Success without Stress?

If you were expecting an article about the actual stress I personally experienced this year and how I coped with it then let me know which of the following you would like to know more about and I will happily write about them.

  1. What happened when my 16 year old left home and decided that she would rather be supported by a charity that supports homeless children age 16 to 25 yr olds than live at home.
  2. What happened when a client cancelled and I was stuck between keeping good relationships and charging them
  3. What happened when I realised that I was not coping with home schooling and the business?
  4. How  I lost my way when my normal strategies to change from business owner to mum and back again failed?


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2 thoughts on “Sheryl Speaks Honestly About the Stresses in 2012

  1. Love your honesty and transparency Sheryl.What a refreshing thing it is to be able to say it how it is,
    I seem to be more aware of my resource levels and not over stretch myself most of the time ,but my quote of the month comes from a statement I made to my 17 year old daughter. “I would ask you how you are but have realised I don’t really want to know just now.” ! Fortuntely we have a level of honesty and understanding in our communication that seems to bear our bluntness with each other!One of my stresses at the mo is working out how to spend meaningful time with my grandson as well as 3 daughters ,hubbie time for me look after the home,do some exercise ,walk the dog, declutter see friends and elderly Mum (long distance ) and make some money! Luckily I am off to attend a Power Group Day today as a client so look forward to seeing what unravels to reduce my stress levels before Christmas > Have a great day and I hope you have the amount of stress you would like.

  2. Thank you for sharing I look forward to working with you today. I can relate to how honest we are now in our team and family my son told me yesterday “mum it would be nice if you noticed I had picked the towel up every day this week you noticed everyday last week when I didn’t ” fair call and I am glad he knows how to feed that back to me and now I am noticing what is working more and bothering to say it out loud just as I would when it isn’t, my team also tell me when I wins them up its great to know I am not a mind reader

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