Take the test how motivating are you as a leader?

As discussion experts we are all about helping you focus your attention on the things that will really make a difference to the way you lead and the overall performance of your team and how motivated your team will be to think for themselves and develop their own solutions.

One of the simplest ways to improve how you lead and how you motivate, is to improve the effectiveness of your discussions. By changing your focus you can change the results.

You can waste so much time as leaders feeling like you have to solve all the problems for them.

Does if feel like when people come to you and talk about their world they seem to leave a big chunk of it on your shoulders?

Notice whether you are asking questions about the problem.

Do you want to fully understand the problem because you know you will have to solve it?

Do you spend the next few hours or days coming up with suggestions?

Do you then find after all that they don’t implement your ideas?

Today I would like to share with you the questions  that will change the focus and change the results. By asking powerful questions you can keep the responsibility to solve the problem with the person who is discussing it. Taking the pressure off you. (now this does take a bit of practice especially if you like solving problems but I can assure you it is worth perfecting)

Imagine you just asked one of your team how business is going and they said.

“All right, I am a bit tired and things at home are getting me down, otherwise all is okay and I am really struggling to reach my quota this month”.

What happens next?

Do you think:

a) Ah! bless I feel sorry for him he has it tough with his family issues

b) For goodness sake does no one else have any stamina and the ability to leave personal stuff at home or does no-one else know how to reach the quota it is so easy?

c) I really would like to know more about what kind of okay that okay is.

Where was your attention or perhaps we could call it curiosity?

Extreme Listening for Productive Thinking encourages you to ask questions that will focus their attention on what is working or what they would like to have happen.

By acknowledging that you heard about the tough time (you must acknowledge it, otherwise  it is likely they will feel unheard and will repeat it until you acknowledge it).

Once you have acknowledged it, you can direct their attention to a discussion that will not only be constructive it will enable them to find their own solutions.

In this example you could ask more questions about the ‘okay’. The benefit to the team member is that they will gain more insight and clarity about what they meant by okay.

What can happen is that they become aware it is not as okay as they at first thought or it could make them realise it is in fact a whole lot more than okay.

Either way you have greater understanding and they are more aware of either what is working or what is not working.


So much more productive than being bogged down in exploring problems and you trying to solve the problems.

Change your focus change the results

Have a go at this activity:

When people are wrapped up in discussing a problem change the focus by repeating back the problem then say:

When it is like that what would you like to have happen?

Let us know what happens next.

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2 thoughts on “Take the test how motivating are you as a leader?

  1. Excellent article, it’s so important not just to listen to what’s said, but to actively use that information to find what’s happening in the bigger picture.

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