Thank You Tuesday: How To Present Your Business Successfully?

This month at Wine O’clock Club Fareham we were very lucky to have Steve Thomson of Profile Training sharing his wisdom.  As a big thank you to him for giving up his time we would like to share with you a few of his words.

If you are finding it difficult to present your business and finding your confidence being knocked this man is worth listening to he will give you insights and perspective you have perhaps never considered.


Steve said “Presenting your business can be daunting, pitching for work or interviewing for a new post can be challenging – even scary; standing on-stage and addressing a large audience is many people’s idea of hell! However, it’s my belief that we are actually doing presentations every day as we go through our lives, so we really should be quite good at it. Why then is it such a big deal when you’re invited to speak at an event or to tell people about your business?

At Profile Training we work with the way you think about presenting, rather than just what you are going to say. We want you to have a deep understanding of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ you are presenting.

Steve shared with us some great tips for learning how to hear yourself. You will see from these photos how much fun we had learning how to listen to ourselves. It is quite weird hearing how others hear you.







The feedback we got from the 20 minute or so presentation on Tuesday was:

“I found that really useful and I can implement some of that straight away” Nick Miller NMS Electrical ( Great electrician if you want shockingly great service)

So I can only imagine what you will get if you spend the whole morning with Steve.

Ros and I can’t make it as we are running our own Power Group sessions but for those interested in being more successful at presenting yourself this taster workshop could be for you.

Steve also said ” The cost is just £25, and this amount is deductible from any further training you book in 2014. We will be cramming as much into the session as we can to ensure that you leave with tools you can put to work straight away and that will help you throughout your professional life. If you would like to book places please go to our website: where you will find the booking form.

Do let us know how you get on if you go?

For those interested in learning about the 7 deadly sins of networking we have the lovely Gavin Meikle presenting on the 4th February 6pm to 8pm at the Wine 0’Clock Club at Fareham.

Of course if you know the real problem is you don’t really know what you want to say then don’t miss our next Power Group where you can unravel what is holding you back and gain clarity focus and direction in 8 Simple Steps.

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When what you are saying is not getting heard who are going to call…??