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The 1 Thing Leaders Must Stop Doing for Change to Happen

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This is a site dedicated to sharing, success stories and strategies and resources that we as leaders and our clients recognised when using the 8 Simple Steps to clarify our thinking and learned to listen without judgement or assumption.

Have you ever said or thought “What does it take, to get change to happen around here?”

I know I have.

When I do, this is the usual sequence of thoughts that ensues.

First: I have the feeling that I am the only one in the business that sees that change is needed

Second: I begin to feel like I am the only one that has the drive and determination to make it happen

Third: I feel exhausted because I cannot possibly do it all myself, I need my team to do their bit and take action

Does this sound familiar?

In the words of business specialist Tom Northup –

“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting.  If we want different results, we must change the way we do things”

At Step by Step Listening we have an expression “Change your Focus to Change your Results.”

It might be that you need to ask more questions about solutions rather than spend so much time talking about the problem or you maybe you have to change your focus to listen more than you tell.

Let’s come back to this skill of How to Lead a Team through change and the one thing leaders have to stop doing to allow change to happen.

Let’s look at each stage in a little more detail

Stage 1

“I have the feeling that I am the only one in the business that sees that change is needed”


In our experience when we ask the leader questions they soon realise that they are the leader for a reason they have the skill to look at the bigger picture and the ability to see the impact of one persons action on another.

When we drill down with the questions to help them really understand what they are asking for it often frightens them to realise what might happen if everyone did come to them noticing change.

What often happens is they realise they are saying they would like others to notice there is change needed but what they really mean is:

“I want them to notice the change ‘I’ think needs to happen!!”

No wonder the team don’t take action eh!

Do you know any good mind readers and when you read the next part you will find that even a mind reader at this stage won’t help.

Stage 2

“I feel like I am the only one that has the drive and determination to make it happen”

It is good to check in with yourself,  what is it, you would like to make happen?

When we ask the leaders the question:

“What would you like to have happen?

It can often take them a whole session to really clarify what that is. They were aware change was needed but often lacked the clarity about what kind of change that change should be,  which can be why the team lack drive and determination to take action. They don’t actually know what you want them to do.

Stage 3

Once you realise what is wrong and you know what you would like to have happen, the next challenge many leaders seem to face is the skill to sell the concept to their team.

Some people get it and seem on board then do nothing, others are defensive from the word go and some you are fearful to address because you know it will upset them so they don’t even know what you want yet.

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Whatever your situation imagine if you could skip stage 1, 2 and 3 and simply facilitate a session where you openly shared your observations and what you would like to have happen, having taken the time to think this through first.

Then you had the confidence and the right environment to ask your team either one to one or as a group, what were they were noticing was working, what wasn’t working and what would they like to have happen.

What if you could learn 19 questions some fundamental principles, arrive and ask questions so that the people you want take action, identified the problem and solve it for themselves. What if they could come up with far more effective solutions than you could have ever imagined.

Much of the resistance we all face when implementing change with our teams is because they are not part of the change process and therefore fear kicks in, as do assumptions and misinterpretations.

What is the 1 thing leaders have to stop doing for change to happen?

Stop feeling every problem is your responsibility to solve and trust that others can solve their own problems if given space and time to think.

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If you struggle with this concept then be mindful your inability to let go and let others find the solution could be the one thing that is holding the team back right now.

N.B. We personally love it when we get a company to the stage where a leader has complete confidence to let the team explore the challenges and knows the team not him or her will find the solutions.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much more they know when given the right space, time and questions to explore their thinking.

Please share below any insights or thoughts you may have, if you think differently tell us we love to hear other people’s opinions and we love to listen and ask questions to understand.

Thank you for Listening


How to Lead a Team

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