How to lead a team

The Hidden Logic of Success

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This is a site dedicated to sharing, success stories and strategies and resources that we as leaders and our clients recognised when using the 8 Simple Steps to clarify our thinking and learned to listen without judgement or assumption.

 [WCSubHeadline] The Hidden Logic of Success [/WCSubHeadline]

The inspiration for this blog comes from the Matthew Syed book Bounce.

Have you ever watched a top performer in sport or business and thought there’re talented?

Or perhaps you wonder where that gift comes from?

Behind every great talent is a story of hard work and most importantly purposeful practice which has brought that individual to the peak of their performance.

This then begs the question for me – can anyone be the next business guru or sports star?

Well it seems that the answer is a qualified yes.

Numerous studies of successful people have shown that what got them there was not talent but a combination of exceptional opportunities and efforts which are unique to that individual.

Purposeful practice is the big differentiator between the amateur and the superstar.

[WCSubHeadline]How to Lead a Team[/WCSubHeadline]

What can you do to include purposeful practice into your life ensuring how you lead a team is always at your best?

One way is to use of an outside view to obtain feedback on what you are doing.  This is difficult to achieve “on the job” or by a once a year appraisal from your boss or team but it is possible to be a part of a group where being listened to and listening to others will provide that outside perspective of exactly what we are communicating and how that is being perceived by others.

The removal of your assumptions and expectations from your conversations with your team is an enlightening and purposeful practice.  This can bring you closer to the ideal team leader you would like to be.

Are you taking the time needed now to reflect on what is working?

Are you practicing every day to improve your communication skills in terms of the message you are delivering even when you are not speaking?

Are you really listening to your team or simply waiting for your turn to talk?

Please do share your thoughts below.

Thanks for Listening

How to lead a team
Shaun Webb


Shaun Webb

The Directors Confidant


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