The Problem No One Will Talk About- People Problems Made Easy Part 1 of 6

People Problems Made Easy Series Part 1 of 6

How to Solve Problems at Work

The Problem No One Will Talk About.

One of the most challenging things to manage or problem solve in work are those generated based on how people feel.  Emotions drive all of us every day. We hear things like I know it is not professional to get upset, but does that mean it is not professional to be over enthusiastic and full of energy.

Of course not!

Bosses, staff and clients want to see your ‘good side’ so what happens to the stuff you cannot express?

In our experience it usually goes home and the partner has to listen to you down load and bleat on about everyone and everything that is not working in your work life?

Imagine if you could have that time with your family without that kind of conversation:

Then what happens?

For some it stays bottled up inside and either comes out in the form of physical illness or complete and utter rage when it finally escapes.

Have you ever noticed how whenever you book some time off you are ill?

Or the littlest of things can throw you over the edge?

I truly believe that happens when all the stuff bottled up and is not dealt with.

It escapes whenever it has the chance so perhaps you are taking time off and quiet or you are in private and can let off steam. Your body effectively says “You will listen to me.”

Who would you be if you could get that stuff out and sorted right now?

Who would you be if you could be asked questions that changed your focus and put you back in control?

Then what happens?

At Step by Step Listening we pride ourselves in being able to ask powerful questions that change your focus and therefore change the results you are getting right now.

Our Guarantee

After our free 30 minute session you will leave with either:

  1. Your problem solved
  2. Your next best step planned
  3. Knowledge whether Step by Step Listening is part of the solution or not

You could of course leave with all three.

Call us now +44 329 286648 to book your 30 minute now or for those not local email and let’s arrange a free skype call.

Thank you for listening, I am waiting to hear from you.

How to solve problems at work





Sheryl Andrews Founder and Power Group Facilitator and Trainer

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