The Problem With Opinions – People Problems Made Easy Part 5 of 6

People Problems Made Easy Series Part 5 or 6

How to solve problems at work

The problem with opinions

So often when we share a problem with someone they will come back with a list of suggested solutions.  Of course these are founded on an assumption they know our problem in detail, they know exactly how we personally work at our best and their expertise is better than our own.

Even as I write I am aware that this article is loaded with assumption.

I wonder as a business owner with a client, a team leader with your staff or even a parent with a child.

How much time did you waste this month giving ideas and solutions to other people only to discover they did not implement them?

In the question above, there is an opinion and an assumtpion. Perhaps you did spend time telling other’s what to do only to find they did not take action but who am I to say if you consider it a waste of time.

Perhaps you learned something from that experience?

Would you do anything differently next time?

I could ask, how much time did you spend this month asking people for ideas and solutions, only to find that you did not implement the suggestions?

Opinions are great so long as the person receiving them has the skills and ability to know how to sift and implement the parts that are right for them.

3 Golden Rules about Opinions:

  • Ask more questions:

Gain more understanding either before you give an opinion or when receiving one

  • Trust yourself:

It is okay for other people’s solution/opinions not to work. Focus on what works for you.

  • Hold back opinions:

Often we give opinions to show our expertise and because we really care about making life easier for others but invariably if the advise has not been asked for, it won’t be received. This can result in a waste of your time and can leave them with another problem to solve.

What to do with your opinion?

How do you make a decision?

Do you understand your process?

Power Groups provide a unique space for business owners to hear how others do things without feeling obliged to implement them and plenty of time to identify what works for you. Each time you make a decision or solve a problem you become more aware of how you make decisions.

The short bursts of questions focus your attention, the thinking time in between allows you valuable time to process and think. And if you want or need an opinion you can ask for it during the breaks.

Want to experience the questions in a group and learn how other people think?

Check out our monthly introductory call now.

Our Guarantee

After our free 30 minute session or the group introductory session, you will leave with either:

  1. Your problem solved
  2. Made a decision and know your next best step
  3. Knowledge whether Step by Step Listening is part of the solution

You could of course leave with all three.

Call us now +44 329 286648 to book your 30 minute now or for those not local email and let’s arrange a free skype call.

Thank you for listening, I am waiting to hear from you.

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Sheryl Andrews Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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