Who Else Wants To Know The Secret To Great Follow Up?

When I work with clients on this subject, more often than not they hate the thought of bothering their prospective client, being a nuisance or interrupting them when they are busy.

Do you ever hear someone say,  “I would like to know more” or “I need you in my life”? How often do you do nothing with this information?

I invite you to ask yourself these questions and write down the response.  Just take 5 minutes, you will answer them in your own way and the first thing that comes to mind is often the most accurate.

When you hear that people are interested in your services:

[bulletlist]Then what happens?
What would you like to have happen?
What needs to happen for that to happen?
Can you?
Then what happens?
What is happening now?


I’ve shared my own responses here to give you an idea of how you might answer these questions.

  • What would I like to have happen?

I would like to feel like I am on top of the follow-up process and that I am not missing opportunities or letting people down when they have indicated they want to know more about my services. I would like to come across as available.

  • What needs to happen for that to happen?

I have to plan my diary to have time for coffees and chat. I have to plan my diary for calls and put them straight in the diary not on paper.

  • Can you?

Yes. Now I have thought about it, I know it’s really important and I want to make this work. Plus, I know if it’s in my diary, it gets done.

  • Then what happens?

Then everyone who shows an interest in what I do will have some kind of connection with us and feel that we’re interested. They will know we care about their success and if we call, it is for their benefit.

For me at Step by Step Listening, I am working with a paper list that I have folded in my diary and whenever I have a spare 5 minutes I ring someone and arrange a coffee or a chat. The problem I have just recognised as I complete these questions for myself is that I can sometimes make it sound like I am too busy. That is because I am busy but my motto has always been I am busy but never too busy for you.

I’d love to know how you got on? Do leave a comment below saying what you know now and what difference knowing that makes?

Thanks for Listening!


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