The Voice UK: How long did it take to make a good decision?

How long does it take you to make a good decision?

Every day you are faced with 100’s of decisions some are simpler than others like what to eat for breakfast, but others can take valuable thinking time up. Imagine if you knew how you made a good decision then what happens?

It was interesting watching The Voice UK this weekend, most contestants take a moment or two to decide but one particular lady took 25 minutes to decide which judge she wanted to coach her. The judges were great and saying take your time, but what I find particularly interesting is when they said things like” Listen to your heart” and “Just do what feels right”.

Imagine if you could instantly understand the feeling associated with a good decision. I noticed the young lady close her eyes and then finally make her decision.

Taking time out to understand how you make a good decision when you are not under pressure like that can provide you with the knowledge and understanding of what you need to make a decision. When any of those vital components are missing and you find yourself in limbo and unable to decide you will be prepared and know quickly what you require to make the decision possible.

Here is a clip of how I use to make decisions, I have done another session recently  and each time I do it I am noticing how I can make a decision faster and with more confidence.

How to make a good decision is a vital skill in life. It take just one person in a team/family or organisation to change for change to happen. Will it be you that decides to change first?

What would you like to have happen now?

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How to make a good decision





Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator

2 thoughts on “The Voice UK: How long did it take to make a good decision?

    1. I can’t believe how much easier things are now for me, some decisions have become almost black and white I know instantly what is the right thing to do and I am noticing that others still have that air of confusion, which is all good because more often than not it is quick and easy. what about you what kind of decision making process do you have?

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