Three top tips to help you make a good decision when you’re feeling stuck!

How do you make a good decision when you are feeling stuck?

There is an old proverb that says ‘by failing to make a decision, you’ve made a decision’.

So if you’re feeling stuck, and not sure which way is forward, what might you be able to do?

How to make a good decision when you feel stuck


Top Tip 1: Be your own coach and ask yourself some questions to understand what is already working for you.

Perhaps take a moment to write down, draw or represent your answers to the following questions:

What would you like to have happen?

Is there anything else about ….?

What kind of … is that …?

Where could … come from?

What happens just before?

What happens next?

What is working?  How do you know? What do you hear and see that tells you it is working?

Trust yourself. Check in and notice what works for you.  By checking in with yourself you can find your own unique way to make a good decision.


Top Tip 2:  Step Away From The Problem

Sometimes, stepping away from the problem or the situation allows your subconscious to work out an answer in the background. Whether you simply sleep on it or take a 5 minute break and do something else, notice what happens when you simply leave your mind to process the solution.

Another technique would be to take the piece of paper you have written or drawn your answer on and place it somewhere that allows you to step back and look at it.  Here are some more self coaching questions you could ask yourself:

What do you know here about that?

What else do you know?

Is there anything else you know?

Try repeating these questions once more and noticing what happens next.

Compare this with what happens when you keep prodding at a decision that you are struggling with?

For some people it causes stress and angst that isn’t usually helpful in making a good decision.

Take a break and notice what happens, pay attention to the insights you get when you stop thinking about it. 

Top Tip 3:  Ask for help

Of course, asking for help can be tricky – you don’t always want the help that is then offered, so be very clear about the kind of help you are asking for.

Ask yourself: 

For this help to be helpful to me, the help would be like what?

When you are clear about the kind of help you need, it may become obvious who to go to to ask for help, and what kind of help they can offer.

Rather than randomly shouting ‘help!’ where many people offer random and sometimes unhelpful help. This can usually add to your overwhelm as you now have to process more problems and cannot focus on the decision in hand.

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Thank you for listening.