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How to Make Good Decisions?

For any parents to make good decisions they often have to let go of their own fears and beliefs. This is a great example of parents doing just that.  I saw this video this week and it made me realise why we really should never assume and why being yourself is vital in business. You are your brand so being congruent with who you are is essential.

Tim demonstrates here that although it might not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ here in England or even in America those who know the value of openly showing you care would certainly buy this service.

Here are Step by Step Listening for a few month we changed our message. We are always motivated by supporting our teams and their families and the bottom line is we needed like most business to increase revenue in order to support our families.

We thought the solution was to market to bigger corporations. We changed our speak to be more about return on investments and KPI but in the end the message did not feel congruent with who we are. So no surprise when people did not but and we did not enjoy the discussions.

How to make good decisions?

Can you deliver clear communication?

Can you listen to the decisions of others without judgement or assumption?

We are now proud to say that we work with people who run their business like a family because people matter to them.

Our ambition is to enable businesses to have effective discussions that result in clear communications and good decisions that everyone understands and can support.

I hope, like us, you enjoy this video.

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How to make good decisions






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How to make good decisions?


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