What a difference a few questions made to this woman?

How to make a good decision?

It is 21st July 2010, my first session with a distraught mum of 3, two of her teenagers had ‘gone off the rails’ she had been brave enough to take them to a wilderness therapy programme in Colorado USA to teach them to have more self confidence and to take more responsibility. This whole journey had taken it’s toll on her and the family and although the girls being on the mountain gave the family some respite it left this women wondering what to do next?

Her head was in a spin, her own self esteem and confidence shattered and yet despite all of this she had this amazing strength about her. She was determined that other women would never feel like she had.  There of course was still some work to be done within her own family and some decisions to be made whilst growing and developing her own businesses.

This is when she approached me for some help to make some decisions. As the girls returned to the UK, she had to pick up the pieces of her businesses and home life and start to bring it all back together.

I remember in every session there was this under current that would not go away, she had a desire to return to Colorado. To thank the people who had supported her to make drastic change and to make challenging decisions. And she knew the help she was getting through our discussion model would help other parents and business owners make good decisions as well as giving them the skills to communicate the outcome of those decisions effectively.

The pull was strong and it never faded that she wanted our programme to go across ‘the pond’ and she wanted to revisit this beautiful place with a clear strong mind. No longer the shattered and worn out person she was before.

With this dream in mind she knew she had to get her ‘own house in order’ first.  This lady has dedicated the last few years to listening to herself, getting to know what works for and what doesn’t. Opening up communication channels within her family on all levels, her daughters, her mum and even her sister. Relationships, family and love are at the heart of this amazing woman.

Along side this she has developed her three businesses which are also her three loves; as a music teacher she has used the Step by Step Listenng discussion model to enable musicians to play with confidence, she has applied the model to enabling women in her role as a Mary Kay consultant to feel good on the inside and outside and in her role as a coach with a desire to transform families she has now trained with Step by Step Listening and is one of our approved facilitators. Ros practices her craft of questioning weekly and has invested hours into her own personal development to be the best she can be for you.

We have worked in partnership over the past 2 years to get clear about what she would like to have happen. Colorado never once went away. Yes I am talking about our very own Ros Bristow.

how to make good decisionsI am very honoured to call this lady my client, my friend and my business partner. With her strength and desire we are now off to Colorado on 15th April for a 10 day tour. We will be busy networking and we are running a two day ‘Decision Maker’s Break’

It was a perfect fit, we provide a fresh new perspective for business owners to look at themselves and their business. Space to think and develop themselves. Where better than the beautiful city of Denver not far from the mountains. And of course this location has always been driven by Ros. I had no doubt in supporting her to take ‘The Decision Maker’s Break’ to Colorado enabling her to realise her dream. It was the perfect combination as my dream is to spread word of this simple discussion model worldwide. We both love watching the pressure come off our clients instantly as they realise the solution is far simpler than they could have ever imagined. Watching them learn how to ask themselves the right questions that result in decisions made easier.

Ros’journey has been made up of many difficult decisions, she has cried and she has laughed but through the process she has begun to understand herself and able to share with those that matter. Ros herself attended regular monthly Power Groups to grow her business, had one to one sessions to take her thinking to the next level and to unravel the complicated decisions and last year she even invested in the ‘The Decision Maker’s Break’ then called Power Group Plus in France last year.

How to make a good decision
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With her dream realised she has been sharing this video which I think sums it up perfectly.

If you would like to follow our journey, meet with us for coffee or even attend The Decision Maker’s Break in Colorado 20th and 21st April or in the UK or France. Please do connect with us on either Twitter @sbslistening or @rosbristow1. Facebook Sheryl Andrew or Facebook Ros Bristow or drop us an email Enquiries@stepbysteplistening.com or give us a call:

+44 (0) 1329 286648

We will be attending a number of BNI events and we are meeting at The Market Latimer Square for coffee and chat Wednesday 17th April 2pm to 5pm and Thursday 18th April 11am to 1pm.


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How to smake good decisions






Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator and Trainer


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