About Power Groups

A Power Groups are facilitated using our own unique discussion model that allows you to:

  1. Unravel what is holding you back
  2. Gain clarity, focus and understanding
  3. Develop strategies and resources to make decisions and solve problems effectively
  4. Learn how to hold back judgment, opinions and assumption when listening to others
  5. Plan your next best step with confidence

Each and everyone of us have our own unique patterns and ways of managing ourselves and others. Much of what we do, does works for the best part. Have you ever had that sense that something is not quite right but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is.

This discussion model allows you time to unravel what is holding you back and recognise what is happening when it is working. Enabling you every time to take your next best step with confidence. Through this process you will learn about the metaphor you use in your language every day, by developing the metaphor it is possible to understand complex things in a very simplistic and easy to comprehend way.

The Power Group model also introduces you to the fundamental principles of Clean Language enabling you to effortlessly adopt this process in your work place.

Clean Language was developed by David Grove in the 1980′s it is now used world wide in many areas of personal development. Fast becoming the most effective way to change thoughts into action.

We share with you 8 simple steps that enable you to effortlessly introduce the process into your workplace.


The end result is that you will no longer be responsible for finding all the answers and solve all the problems you will just have to remember a few simple principles and 19 questions.

The questions make the difference.

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