What Is The Relationship Between Good Business Decision and Clothes Shopping?

How to make a good decision in business

It always fascinates me how much learning I continue to gain about myself after listening. You have probably heard the old saying “Don’t think about pink elephants” and then all you can do is think about pink elephants. That is because someone has put your attention on pink elephants.

It is the same if you put your attention what works for you. Once you have noticed what works you find yourself collecting more and more data to support it or in some cases to disprove it. The beauty of developing a metaphor to understand yourself like this, is that the metaphor naturally evolves, grows and develops with you.

This month’s team meeting we became curious about how we make decisions.  The purpose of the meeting every month is to connect the team, enabling them to work together independent of me. And it is for us to mutually understand and respect how each of us work at our best. This gives us the knowledge we need to best support ourselves and each other. This month we explored our decision making process and we started by asking:

When you make a good decision and it works that’s like what?

How do you know a good decision?

What determines a good decision?

One of the team said it is just like clothes shopping, you have an idea what you want but sometimes you have to try the ‘decision’ on for size, then sit with it for a bit to see how it feels. Look at it from different perspectives in the mirror and even get an opinion of another before you really know if it is a good decision.

As a team leader I now have the knowledge, how each of my team make decisions for the best part I don’t have to retain that information it was for their learning.

But I had been struggling with one particular member to agree a way forward with a particular project. Understanding how she made decisions has given me the tools to present the information in a way that would make it easier for her and myself to work together on future projects going forward.

How much would it help you to understand how you make a good decision?

How much would it help to understand how your team or even your partner made decisions?

( I don’t know if you will find it helpful or not so please do leave a comment below and share your thoughts please)

How much clearer could you communicate what needs to happen next to make a decision if you understood your own decision making cycle?

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Thank you for listening

How to make good decisions





Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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