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How To Make A Good Decision?                       

While reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book Tipping Point recently, it made me think about the different sorts of people we meet in life.  This book talks about what and how viral events happen in the world and the types of people that are an essential part of the viral outbreak.

The “Collector” is a person who makes countless personal connections with all the people they ever meet. They never seem to loose contact with even what seem like casual acquaintances to the rest of us.  The benefit to knowing these people is that they are often able to connect us to the most unlikely and at the same time helpful contacts for our business and private life.

The “Maverns” are those people who seem to have an in-depth knowledge of a large array of different subjects.  We have all probably met the person who always seems to know where the best supermarket deals are right now or the person who always the best deal gets buying a new car because they know more than the salesperson in the car showroom!

The “Salesperson” is not the conventional salesperson you meet on a daily basis but a true salesperson is one with whom you instantly feel at home with whose emotional connection seems almost like a contagion.

The point of this for me is to recognise that I am not any of these three. Sheryl I can recognise as being a kind of Collector and a Salesperson. The point of sharing all this today is that when it comes to making decisions in business it can be useful to understand and recognise that we are not all the same and we all have our own unique qualities. You might have noticed I said Sheryl is a “kind of” Collector.


  • How do you make a decision about what kind of client is right for you?
  • How do you make a decision about what kind of team is right for you?
  • How do you know if it is working?


Inevitably to grow your business you will work with people who work differently to you. Your clients are almost guaranteed to have different qualities otherwise it is unlikely they would not need your services. If you are good at something and they are not, then it is logical to assume they work differently to you and that is why they need your help.

As your business grows eventually it is every business owners dream to give up the tasks they don’t enjoy and employ or outsource to someone who loves that ‘kind of work’.

When it comes to recruiting, it is important to understand the kind of “person you are” in order to understand the kind of “person you want” to work effectively with you.

I love it in when our business owners take a break from business and dedicate a day or even 3 to learning about themselves. When you understand you, then you can communicate effectively to others what you want and need from them to work at your best.

Like to know more, we offer a free 30 minute session to experience the power of this unique discussion model that takes you through a series of questions you can ask yourself to gain greater understanding, knowledge and self awareness.

You will leave with one of 3 things guaranteed:

  1. A problem solved and decision made
  2. Greater understanding and your next best step planned
  3. Whether Step by Step Listening are part of the solution

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How to make a good decision





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