What kind of leader are you?

I recently asked a group if they were a musical instrument in our orchestra what kind of instrument would they be. It turned out that I considered myself to be a like a trombone. It is funny how often since then that I have found myself blasting off with no warning and thinking boy that is not helpful.

By exploring that metaphor I recognised that a trombone can make a big entrance, be very loud and very powerful. But I am also aware that if that trombone has no introduction or build up, it can scare the living day lights out of people.

I had no real awareness of how much like a trombone I can be and the affect it has when I burst in with a wave of excitement and enthusiasm from no where.

Some people quite literally withdraw. (not surprising wouldn’t you with a trombone in your ear, no matter how well they played or their intention a blast unexpected is a blast.)

If you were an instrument what kind of instrument would you be?

You see as a leader I am the conductor but I am happy to allow other’s to conduct stepping back to observe once I know they are clear on the outcome. But this recent metaphor made me really think about how I suddenly chip in at meetings and perhaps I can be a little loud and a little uninvited, it has certainly made me stop and think before I blast in with my thoughts and wishes.

A simple statement a little quieter and gradually building up to my enthusiastic burst is working much better.

Thank you for listening


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