When a true leader behaves in a certain way, what kind of way is that? by Roberta Jerram

In response to the article how to shine as a leader, Roberta Jerram responded with this and we thought this was a great article in it’s own right. With Roberta’s permission we are very pleased to share her thoughts here today:

Great topic Sheryl and one, as you know that is incredibly close to my own heart! Here’s the thing.  There are people with the title ‘leader’ and then there are those I would call: True Leaders.

True Leaders love people.  Fact.  There are a lot of people out there who’d call themselves a ‘people person’ though.

So how come true leaders are so few and far between?

Often leaders cannot be recognised because of their camouflage.  And it, I believe, takes one True Leader to bring out another true leader.

It’s like the statue of David.

When people asked Michelangelo how he successfully produced such a magnificent masterpiece, his answer was along the lines of (in Italian of course!)  “It wasn’t that big a deal.  David was always in there.  Hidden in the marble.  All I did was chip away the excess and polish him up.”

We are all, potentially, a great leader.  Yet some of us have never had a sculptor, artist or mentor there with us, to chip away the outer shell, and to add structure, definition and polish to the leader that is revealed.

There are many stories of great athletes and sports people who have become truly great at what they do, because they happened to ‘fall into’ the great hands of a great coach.  The same has been happening down through the ages for example: the greatest composers, scientists, artists, musicians and  even nowadays, on shows like The Voice where often the public watching their TVs don’t necessarily see in a budding new artist what the coach sees.

Truth is: It takes one to know one.  You have to live it.

True Leaders behave in a certain way because they think in a certain way.  And they know how to control their thinking. A true leader is aware of their thoughts and chooses which ones to let in.

And good thoughts produce good results.  And give credit where credit is due. The secret to getting different results is to know what you are thinking and to choose your thoughts carefully and to recognise new leaders emerging.

A True Leader knows that being a leader is a never ending process of learning and becoming.  It all starts with BEING.  The making of everything about a great leader starts from within.

It’s an interesting subject as to become a leader requires that we have to do it for ourselves, however we also need to acknowledge that we can’t do it alone.

I believe a great leader instinctively sees the latent possibility in future leaders in their organisation.  It’s a skill I’ve certainly spent 20+ years consciously honing (consciously yet also trusting my instincts) and I can now spot a potential true leader with relative ease, right from the early days in their business.

However, ‘they gotta wanna!’   A whole different subject…..

Check out this video can you spot me?

Can I ask our readers this question:

When a true leader behaves in a certain way, what kind of way is that way when it is a certian way?

Thank you for listening


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