When I climbed into the head of a top sales trainer…

I love my job today, I worked with a client who wanted to understand in detail what was happening when he made cold calls at his best.

We spent the day together breaking the process down step by step, hence our name… Infact I think we have a few more steps to explore but today we were looking at the pre call and the call.

I have for the past few hours spent time in the head of one of the most amazing Sales and Management Development Trainers. I have learned so much and so has he.

When we work in this way with our clients it is like slowing down a movie. We look at each scene in detail, really understanding what is happening in each snap shot. We work out what happens in between and what happens just before. Fully understanding the complete sequence of events.

You might be thinking why bother?

Well the truth is often the leaders of a family or a company do things almost on auto pilot, they have done it for years and forgotten the process.

Yet they want the next generation to learn from them. The trouble is they have lost sight of what is really happening, the small details of information and knowledge they have accumulated over the years and now take for granted.

They often get into to trouble when they want to hand over responsibility, they hand over the outcome but invariable miss out the vital steps or strategies required to make that happen just the way they would like it to.

Simply because they can’t remember themselves. They think from the outside it is obvious. If you find yourself saying it is obvious then the chances are, that it’s not so obvious to everyone else.

When you model your own performance and look at what you are doing when you are at your best you can really begin to:


  • Value the knowledge and skills you have
  • Recognise any areas for improvements
  • Develop greater understanding of what is needed to duplicate the same results with someone who has not been in your head for the last 40 plus years.


Please let me introduce you to:

Managing Director BMD Global

Tony Armstrong Managing Director –BMD Global.

The objective of the session was for Tony to recognise what is happening so that he could recruit the right people to support him as his business continues to expand. Tony has had some experience in the past where he has bought lists and hired telemarketing sales people to help his business grow only to be left feeling like he had thrown his money away. The results were shocking. Even more frustrating when you yourself are really good at the getting the sales therefore left thinking I should have done it myself.

But every buisness reaches the point where you can’t do it all and you have to find the right people.

Ever been in that situation?

It is essential as Tony take his business to the next level to find the right person to take over from him.  Today we were looking at the small part of step 1. They are all very much connected and as one step finishes the next has already begun to take shape.

Step 1 Establish what is happening when making cold calls at his best

Step 2 Develop the handover system for someone else

Step 3 Find the right person

What happened?

Tony now knows:

  • Why his outsourcing to telemarketing did not work and what he would need to do to make it work better
  • That his own process was in fact very sophisticated, created over a number of years and it is no wonder someone else can’t pick it up in an hour
  • That he should value his skills and that should be reflected more in his day rate.



What difference will that make to him moving forward, I don’t know yet perhaps he can let us know.


Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Please share your comments below,  we love to listen

Thanks for listening



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