When you understand how you make decisions then what happens?

How to make good decisions?

What I have loved in my new role with Step by Step Listening as the Business Development Manager is participating in the Power Groups and watching each business owner unravel what actually works for them personally.

Learning how they do them when they are at their best. They don’t have fancy labels, they just ‘know’ the process or system that works for them and can now articulate it to others. They can explain how they work and what they need from others in terms of communication and support and also why they can feel frustrated with others in their business.

This month I was personally exploring how I made a decision which was extremely insightful. I have got a number of decisions coming up and some deadlines, so understanding this was  important. 

Now I know “how I make decisions” decision making has seemed easier and almost effortless.

When I had struggled to make a decision in the past there was a vital part of the process missing.  For those that know me, I am quite a logical thinking sort of person. I like making lists of tasks and then I get on with what needs to happen.

What I was unaware of is that when I made a good decision, I first of all worked through a logical process and the final stage is:

“Does it feel right”

I know we don’t talk much about feelings in business which might be why I had not acknowleded this part of the process. For me what determines ‘feel right’ will be different to you, but all the same I can feedback that once I ask myself the question ‘does it feel right’ and I hear myself say yes or no, then the decision is often made.

I have been working in partnership with Sheryl and the Step by Step Listening team for a number of months in order to decide whether to become a Power Group Facilitator. During my recent discussion with Sheryl and with a new awareness of my decision making process I was able to effortlessly agree and develop the role that absolutely feels right for now. That’s not to say you won’t see me training later but for now I am really happy to say I am looking forward to my new role as Business Development Manager.


  • How do you make a good decision?
  • How do you know a good decison?
  • When a good decision, then what happens?


I can honestly say this latest decision was one of the easiest to make and I truly believe it comes down to Sheryl and I understanding what I needed to make the decison.

In addition, I know that Sheryl also knows what she needs to make a decision so we were able to provide each other with the relevant information and ask the right questions to clarify understanding along the way.


  • What is happening for you?
  • Like to know more about yourself and how you make decisions?
  • Perhaps you have got a decision to make.


Like to know more, we offer a free 30 minute session to experience the power of this unique discussion model that takes you through a series of questions you can ask yourself to gain greater understanding, knowledge and self awareness.

You will leave with one of 3 things guaranteed:

  1. A problem solved and decision made
  2. Greater understanding and your next best step planned
  3. Whether Step by Step Listening are part of the solution

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 How to make a good decision





Shaun Webb 

Business Development Manager

How to make a good decision? Please do share your thoughts below.


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